Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Prologue 2

I will translate up to a certain chapter(I don’t know know yet up to what chapter, maybe the chapter 20 or 30), and then I will continue from the last one that the previous translator left.

I still refuse.

Light overflows in a room of a certain and normal apartment.

The amount of light is so much that it overflows through the windows, it even pushes the natural light of the sun enveloping it as if it were a shadow. However, there was no one reacting…

「Okay, now it’s my turn to chase after him」

Saying so, the beauty which made appear the light disappears from the room.

Only the sound of the man’s game remained…

「Okay, let’s continue playing」

The man who previously was playing a game took the controller and started playing again.

Eh? That I had promised to listen to her? Why the hell should I do that?

Who in his right mind would stand still when a person extends his hand towards you about to do something?

The trick is simple, I have a table ready for when I go to play the games. It’s really convenient today’s wireless controllers, isn’t that right? Before you couldn’t get too far from the console due to the cable.

Sorry, let me continue. When that beauty(trespasser) appeared, she appeared between the table and the TV, and as for me, I was between the table and sofa.

So when I tried to call 110, she came to my side and stopped me from calling, then I put even more distance between us.

At this time our initial position was reversed.

Next, to dodge the light that came from the beauty’s palm I hid under the table. It was then when the omnipotent hiding yourself under the table theory was established.

It was right here that it was established that such a theory is even effective against other things besides earthquakes.

Calm and at peace, I continued enjoying my day off.

Surely many are wondering why I’m not running away right now. But think about it very well. This person was able to enter even when I had completely locked my house. I have recognized that even if I were to escape I would be caught immediately. It would be even worse if this person were to be obsessed with me.

In other words, the next time she appears, I just need to hear her story. If the other party gives up, I can go back to my everyday life.

Calling the police? Hey hey, If I tell them that 「A woman has suddenly appeared in my room」without a doubt, they would take me directly to the hospital or they would put me in jail for joking.

I keep playing for a while and then, when the clock handle reaches 12 the music starts playing. I’m obsessed with wall clocks.

「Should… I make dinner…? Or should I eat outside…?」

A very annoying problem. If I were working, I would be restricted to (an onigiri from a convenience store) eating outside.

However today is a holiday in which the majority stays inside their homes so I don’t think there are many adult men who can not cook today. Rather, I think that even students know how to cook in this age.

I’m not referring to the 3-minute food that you just need to add hot water to.

If you live alone, you need think about the cost and effectiveness of cooking either for yourself or eating outside.

But right here with me I have the best food that one could have.

「Onii-chan, please eat this」

The grandma living next to me in the same building gave me some pickled vegetables to eat.

The pickles that this grandma makes are a delight for me. They are exquisite seasoned with salt, you can eat it like that, as a side dish for rice, ochazuke, or even accompanied with sake!!

However, only pickles is not enough. No, wait, if I have only pickles then the food that I can use to accompany it is already decided.

「Miso soup, grilled salmon, fried eggs, nori」

Such are the traditional food of a japanese dining table. Nato in the morning and night, that’s my hobby.

All I have to do is to press the switch and the rice will be ready. Next, it should be miso soup which I have enough, and as for the eggs and nori, they are also OK.

「I should go buy some salmon」

Nowadays they sell one portion of food for one person, so it’s been very helpful.

I grabbed my wallet, smartphone and keys and stepped out of the apartment.

「Tsk, it was painful to buy two portions only because it was completely cheaper to buy two than one. I bought two by accident」

I was looking at the bag filled with onions and condiments among other things that I bought in front of the apartment with annoyance.

That’s right, two slices of salmon were cheaper than buying one.

In general, the promotion goes like this: Buy one and the second goes 10% off. But this time the discount was a big 80% off.

While agonizing about what to do with the second piece of salmon, whether eating it myself or giving it to the grandma next door, I entered into my home.

「I never thought you could dodge it…」

It was the beautiful woman trespasser that appeared at the beginning.

In other words, I can assume that it is impossible for me to escape.

In the same way as before, the woman points her hand towards me.

「This time you won’t be able to dodge it」

It is as she says, this time I will be unable to avoid that light that comes out of her palm.

That’s why…

「I’m going to eat so get out of the way, besides, have you had lunch?」

「Eh, I Haven’t eaten lunch yet」

「Then it’s perfect, I bought a lot since it was cheap. I’ll listen to your story, so let’s eat, okay?」

Saying so, I headed towards the kitchen.

「You can just sit on that sofa over there」

「Oh, okay」

She goes quietly to the sofa.

When something unexpected happens, humans are slow to respond and are unable to think normally.

Though I don’t know whether she is a human or not.

Then, after the meal…

「Thank you for the food. Were you the one who make those pickles?」

「No, the grandma next door shared them with me. Delicious, are not?」

「It was delicious, but now I convinced. That taste has been accumulated over the years」

「It’s as you said, here have some tea」

「T-Thank you」

Each takes his tea in sips(It’s hot)… Then let’s get into the main topic.

「Okay, I promised to listen」

I don’t care if she is a trespasser, a beautiful woman, a monster or a goddess, I don’t intend to speak politely.

「Ah, that’s right!! I forgot about that!!」

She’s hopeless.

「There is no need to transfer me anywhere, I’ll hear you here」

Maybe that flash of light can transfer people to other places? That’s why I said what I said before she could do her thing.

「Hmph, so you finally gave up. Okay, I’ll tell you」

Speaking with a condescending attitude from the start, as expected, this kind of beautiful woman is not good.

Not caring at all about my feelings, she gets up from his seat, puts a hand on her waist and points towards me.

「You have been given the opportunity of going to a different world, manage a dungeon and take the role of restoring that world’s balance!!」

Even when I heard such words I didn’t get excited, it was just as I had imagined it. This kind of trespasser usually ends talking without causing any harm.

Then she continues.

「Though you won’t be able to return anymore to this world, you will bring order to that other world with your body alone」

Okay, I don’t want to hear another word.

「I still refuse!!」

What idiot would throw away his current life?


A surprised voice echoes. Although there was nothing surprising about that.

Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Prologue 1


I’m not particularly unhappy with the current Japan.

It’s not like I’m working in a black company either.

I don’t have a wife or children either.

Nor is it like I have lost all hope in the world.

Watching TV, playing new games, reading novels, taking a bath, eating dinner, that’s my everyday. And even though I’ve already finished school it’s not like I want to go back to my student days.

Surely there are many who think 「It’s better to be a student!!」

But if you think about it, how much freedom did we have when we were students?

After school, the amount of money I could freely use depended on my parents.

Oh, it’s not like I’m saying that those without parents had it easy. It’s not like my parents were a nuisance.

I was happy to be able to become financially independent from my parents once I became an adult. I felt that I was actually living.

What I’m saying is…

「I’m satisfied with my current situation」

I clearly tell the person who is in front of my apartment door.

「Ah, I’m not interested in religion or anything, since I already entered the one my parents are in」

Most people are like that, right? I’m sure that most people would not go looking for a new religion on purpose. It’s like, when I realized, I was already part of my parent’s religion.

After saying my part, I try to close the door of my apartment.

「P-Please wait! Could not you please listen to me for a few seconds!?」

Suddenly, a hand appears preventing me from closing the door.

I’m not so evil as to close the door when I know there is a hand between the door.

But as soon as I opened the door…

「Are you interested in managing a dungeon? If you accept right now, it comes with the goddess’ blessing and support!!」

No matter who it is, when faced with a beautiful blonde woman wearing a suit, everyone would act in this way. 「I fell in love with you at first sight」and would accept every word coming out of her mouth.

If what was coming out of her mouth was not related to religion, most would listen to her at least, but when you come out of nowhere with terms like managing and money, most people would react badly.

Listen carefully! It is completely meaningless to use this approach, your goal should first be to have them listen to you. So when they hear the details and say「I’m not interested in managing anything」it has to be followed by 「There’s no problem, we’ll support you!!」, then they wouldn’t be able to escape anymore and would sink even more in the situation.

Next, they should be saying things like, I have to go to work, or have an important issue to attend to, but such ambiguous excuses will only corner the person more.

That’s why I acted as if I didn’t listen to her and tried to close the door quickly. By the way, if the other party was not a beauty, I would have already closed the door and turned off the power supply of the intercom.

I’m sure that every family has its way of refuse visits.

I won’t longer recognize this beautiful woman who is blocking the door with her hand and trying to convince me of her religion as a woman.

I’m not naive enough to believe that I can raise a flag as if it were one of those dramas, light novels, or manga.

「I understand, so, could you please remove your hands? It’s dangerous」

Saying so, I start to open the door (This is the important part) which causes the other party to move backwards and wait for the door to open fully.

Then I close it immediately. Perfect.

「Eh? Eeh!? Eeeh~~!!」

In addition to locking the door, I disable the intercom and quickly move to the room where I was playing a game and raise the volume to a maximum I can bear.

Eh, that I acted like a demon? Those types of people who think like that can waste all the time they want listening carefully to such scam.

You may be wondering, what happens if that person starts to bother and make noise? Don’t worry, reality is ruthless. Everything ends with a call to the police.

It seems that in the end, the person in question gave up and left quietly.

Let’s lower the volume of the game and enjoy my day off.

「Don’t fucking screw with me!!」

Suddenly the beauty appeared in front of me blocking the view of the screen.

The game that I was playing was a real-time action RPG without the possibility of pausing. I was in the middle of fighting a instant death boss… And although I quickly moved my gaze from the beauty to the screen, a lapse of judgment caused the fatal death of my character.

…My heart feels like its about to break…

「Don’t fucking screw with me should be my line!!」

Of course I was upset. However, I was calm. I grabbed the smartphone immediately… and called 110.. Ah, it connected.

「Police? An unknown person has broke into my home… Yes… The address is…」

「Ah!? Wait a second!! It’s a misunderstanding!!」

The beauty finally understood what I was doing and immediately snatched my phone and cut the call.

「It’s not even a misunderstanding, you’re trespassing」

Again I tried to call 110… but I was interrupted.

「This guy, is pretty stubborn… I see, then it should work…」

I don’t know what she’s muttering, but… no, That should be a normal response. I’m 90% sure that any Japanese citizen who is exposed to such an act, would react in this way. After all, it’s never 100%…

Then, the beauty pointed her hand towards me.

「I’ll explain it over there!!」

Afterwards, a light enveloped me…