Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 136

I will be translating 2 chapters per week, for example, this week the chapter 136 and the chapter 1, the following week the chapter 137 and the chapter 2 and so on. So that everyone can enjoy the novel and not have to wait for months to get to last chapter.

Also, if you want to support me I’ll be leaving a adf link and for every $20 I will be translating another chapter for that week.

Chapter 136 – [ADF($0/$20] / [Direct Link]

8 thoughts on “Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 136

  1. Thanks for the chapter
    Won’t It be better to change Delhi to Delil at least?
    Pronouncing デリーユ as Delhi seems strange to me.


  2. The names in this chapter look really weird. You may want to check around for those names or leave them as they are – Deriyu or Deriju also has an Indian sense in it. There’s also problems with other ones’ names. For example Rats instead of Laz/Lutz (she’s of rabbit tribe!), Lilyciu instead of normal Lilith. Personally, I also want the fairy elder’s to be shortened further more to Naruja, which is a valid name. The contents of the chapter over all are readable but not really refined. You may want to be more careful with the word choices, take more time to proofread or have someone else check it for you – there’re some minor mistakes here and there. One of them is this, which I think it relatable to the names: bocchan and jouchan not personal names, they’re used to call young children in high regard, as if to respect them of higher social statuses.


  3. 8 Km/h on average over 3 hours through rough terrain in full gear including full plate armour is plenty insane…

    I’m 1,86 and my natural walking speed on a treadmill is about 4,7, 8 is more like a serious jog.


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