Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World Ch.5


◆Mage/A former noble young lady whose engagement was broken up/Tianna, the gambling maniac 3

What followed was nothing short of disastrous.

In the dragon race stadium, their clientele was not composed only of men with bloodshot eyes.

There was a cheerful, bright and safe atmosphere.

Basically, being open only during the day, people who do shady business can’t get in.

Although noisy, it didn’t seem to be a dangerous place like the slums or a mountain pass where thieves normally appear.

So, being relieved, Tianna brought a dragon ticket… In other words, Tianna brought what she thought to be a betting ticket.

Since I bought it, I have to see the race with my own eyes, she thought.

In a terribly crowded venue, the spectators were loud and engrossed in the race.

(It’s completely different to the royal capital… It’s a little too noisy)

Tianna sighed, she was overwhelmed.

Then, along with the rest of the audience, she watched the dragons running around, enthralled.

『The winner of the current race is, Infinite Blue

On second place, Meteor Arrow.

Refunds must be processed at the counter』

A crackly-like announcement was flowed away by the magic sound amplifier.

All at once, the boos sounded up.

It wasn’t a betting ticket with a payout of at least 100 times, but a dragon ticket with a payout of 100 times.

It was a rough race as the dragon that looked like it was going to finish first, crashed.

Most of the humans seemed to have lost.

「Ah… I won…?」

However, Tianna who got carried away by buying the ticket, won.

One silver coin was returned as ten gold coins.


「Ah, t-thank you」

Don’t congratulate me so loudly, Tianna cursed in her mind.

What if a pickpocket shows up… Being wary, Tianna puts the gold coins in her purse with great care.

Then, to avoid attracting attention, she hurriedly left.

Since then, Tianna has been hooked on the dragon races.

Along with the job search, she would immediately head for the dragon race stadium on the given days when there were races.

The purpose of looking for a job on the dragon race stadium had disappeared.

The reason being is that if you become part of their staff, you won’t be able to buy a ticket.

Eventually, she began to think it was useless to look for a job, so she devoted her non-racing days to the study of the dragon racing.

She studied the data on the dragons participating in the race. and began to carefully examine what kind of dragons would run faster and in what conditions.

Tianna was both fortunate and unfortunate.

Tianna was fortunate, because first of all, she had knowledge.

Instead of relying on superstitions and fortune telling, she had the brains and talent to gather data, deduce, and draw out conclusions. That’s why she won moderately and it didn’t end up with her finally being sold to a brothel after a risky gamble with borrowed money…

And the misfortune was that Tianna was halfway strong on gambling.

No matter how many correct conclusions you think you draw, when you miss, you miss, and that’s gambling.

She never lost enough to the point that of falling into despair and making her think, I’ve had enough of this, I’m not gambling anymore. Although having said that, it’s not like she was going to win a dragon ticket and become a millionaire. Rather, little by little, her savings were being chipped away at.

Then, when she finally cooled off, she realized 「This is bad」.

「…I don’t have enough money for lodging」

The inn chosen by Tianna was a crude one for a noble to stay, but it was by no means a dubious inn.

If you don’t properly pay them, they’ll kick you out.

For now, she had paid for the rest of the week’s lodging in advance.

But after that time, her money will hit rock bottom.

You can manage yourself somehow if you are in debt, but you can’t trust your reasoning when you have money on hand.

Tianna thought she had no choice but to go out and make some money.

「Now that it came to this… I’ll just have to become an adventurer…」

Tianna walked to the adventurer’s guild in a gloomy mood.

Now that it’s come to this, everything will depend on my ability.

Since I’ll be exploring the labyrinth, I don’t need to be hired by someone.

However, there was a problem.

You have to put together an adventurer party.

She was told at the reception desk of the adventurers guild that she was not allowed to explore the labyrinth by herself.

「There are other aspiring adventurers just like you, so you might want to seek them out」

The woman at the reception told her so, and she looked around the guild.

The walls were plastered with a number of party-wanted posters.

I see, she thought, and when she was about to examine the posters, she was immediately called out by someone.

「You are a magician, right? Want to join us?」

「Your equipment looks amazing, doesn’t it? What do you think?」

Then a swordsman-like man and a priest-like woman approached her.

At that moment, Tianna’s eyes became grim.

She exuded a intimidating air as if she had just killed someone.

「…Or so I thought, my bad, come to think, my party was full. Sorry!」

「S-See you laterー! Bye bye! 」

「Eh, um, me too, want to… my party…」

The men and women hurriedly walked away before they could say, “We’re recruiting”.

It’s not like they made Tianna uncomfortable to the point she had to glare at them.

It’s just that the combination of a good-looking man and a beautiful woman reminds her of the people who made her fall and as a consequence it makes her wary.

The strength of her wariness was evident in her expression and appearance.

Tianna’s magic skills are the real deal.

It was something she learned at school, but since her teacher was a practice-oriented person, she was also trained to defeat beasts and lower-grade monsters with magic. She is far more skilled than any of those new adventurers out there. Those new adventurers could sense the fear that came with her strength.

As a result, Tianna was not called out by anyone.

Without even being able to put together a party, the adventurers’ guild business hours ended and she was locked out.

Those who had been locked out of the adventurers guild all headed to the tavern next door.

Somehow Tianna couldn’t go against the flow of those people and entered the tavern.

I was already getting hungry, let’s just get this dinner over with.

Tianna said to the clerk, 「Only one」 and was squeezed into a table where other customers were already sitting.

It seems that the counter is full and she has to sit down with other customers.

Sitting there, was a young man.

A skinny guy with dark hair.

From the way it looks, he is wearing a leather armor, probably a light warrior or a bandit.

The fact that he’s in this tavern means he’s a new adventurer, but there is a strange atmosphere around him.

The leather armor stained with monster blood and dirt, which looked like it has been used for a long time, had the air of a veteran warrior.

The way he sits at the table in the tavern is also strangely imposing.

From the looks of it, Tianna guessed that he may be the same age as her, however, he probably went through a lot of difficulties.

The grimness in his eyes spoke for itself.

(A scary face… Well, I’m not one to speak about others)

Before Tianna knew it, two additional solo adventurers were crammed into the table where she was sitting.

One of them was a woman of the rare dragon race and the other was a tall, clerical-looking man.

Tianna thought that they must have had their reasons, too.

Rather, I’m the one here with most problems.

It’s not like I can help them by getting involved with them.

Rather, I’m the one who wants helpーI thought so, and decided to ignore them.

At the other tables, the new adventurers were lively.

But only at the table where Tianna and the others sat, there was an oppressive silence.

Then, to such a table, the clerk finally brought drinks and food.

No one replied to the clerk’s false voice saying, 「Please take your time」.

Tianna drank the lukewarm ale in a gulp.

And the irritated feelings that she had built up so far have slipped out of her mouth.

「「「「Humans can’t be trusted!!!!」」」」


Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World Ch.4

◆Mage/A former noble daughter whose engagement was broken up/Tiana, the gambling maniac 2

After that, it was disastrous.

Lene and Alex’s words weren’t a threat or anything.

The teachers at the school, especially those around the principal, including Tianna’s teacher, were dismissed on the day.

Although it was never treated as a formal case, the national agency that operated the school ordered the replacement of the teachers. Both the headmaster and Tianna’s mentor, Bellocchio, were forced to leave their jobs.

But, Tianna still believes.

That it’s impossible for her teacher to be involved in such a dishonestly justice.

In fact, the students were in awe of Father Bellocchio as he was a stern but fair man.

Rather, he was resented by those who considered taking bribes as a matter of course.

But now, the outcome was already decided.

In the aristocratic society, the only way to treat a penalty for injustice, no matter how dubious it was, was to treat it as if the injustice happened.

And such was a danger to Tianna’s position as well.

「…Hmph, you disgraced our house」

Tianna’s father, Count Greymann Clente Elenafelt, summoned Tianna to his study.

Not for discussion.

「Wrong! I was…!」

「You have two choices」

Greymann doesn’t even listen to his children’s side of the story.

After all, everything are tools for politics.

There are plenty of half-brothers and sisters out there.

It doesn’t matter if you are a little skilled in magic, or if your face is well-built, he is a man who, if it is to his detriment, would not hesitate to cut something off.

「The first, is to become Duke Cardia’s concubine」

「B-But that’s… Too much…!」

「The other choice, to get out of this house.

Whichever you choose, I’ll provide you with a dowry and money for your expenses.

It seems that you have some attachment to Alex, but give it up」

Tianna was angry at the peremptory tone of Greymann.

「But, I didn’t do it!」

「I assumed so. You don’t have that cunning on you」


At Tianna’s absent-minded face, Graiman sighed in disappointment.

「If you had the cunning to deceive anyone, you would not have fallen for it. Idiot!」

「H-How I would be able to do such a perverted thing!」

「If you can’t, you must defend yourself in another way. But you’re the idiot for not noticing the other person’s plot and falling for it. It would be different if he were an old fox high-ranked noble, but your opponent was just a kid your age. I won’t listen to your excuses」


「I could have managed it if you had realized it a little sooner… Seriously」

Greymann is not lamenting the incompetence of his own children.

He doesn’t love them excessively and he doesn’t hate them more than he needs to.

Now that it has come to this, he just knew that it would be a disgrace to him to let his daughter go unpunished.

Already some of the teachers in the aristocratic school have been demoted or been forced to retire.

There is absolutely no benefit in continuing to shelter Tianna amid this situation.

Tianna was well aware of her father’s calmness.

Even if she were to become the concubine of the Duke Cardia, he wouldn’t be able to save her.

「Being the concubine of that Duke… No, I don’t like it」

The Duke Cardia was indeed a vulgar person worthy of the name of a corrupt noble.

He treats women like slaves and doesn’t even consider commoners as trash.

It’s not a rumor at all.

Tianna had seen the Duke Cardia on several occasions, including at the royal palace banquets.

The way he conducted himself there was awful.

Drunk and in high spirits, he even tried to take away a married woman.

Many noblewomen had to flee from the banquet hall in fear.

There were many complaints to the royal palace asking why the man was not being punished.

But the Duke Cardia is the brother of the previous king and a man who holds the secrets of many royal families.

The soon to be replaced king had no power to punish the Duke of Cardia.

「I assumed so」

「A-At least another house…」

「I’ve heard that the Duke of Cardia has his eye on you.

If I marry you into another house, that house will be glared by the Duke of Cardia」.

「Such a thing…!」

Help me, Alex.

Tianna couldn’t help but feel that her inner voice was about to leak out.

But even Alex is part of the conspiracy to bring Tianna down.

That vixen must have fooled him.

But on the other hand, Tianna has come to understand.

That the inferiority complex that Alex feels is real.

That he will enjoy watching her fall.

「If you really don’t want to, you can leave this house before the duke officially comes in. That way, the surroundings will also follow」

There is no one to help me.

So, I have no choice but to live on my own.

With a sad determination, Tianna resigned herself from being a noble.

It’s been over a month since she boarded this swaying carriage from the royal capital.

Tianna’s destination was the labyrinth city of Terane.

「I-I’m finally here…」

While rubbing her aching hip from the swaying of the carriage, Tianna walks through the streets of the labyrinth city.

Although it was her first time traveling and living alone, but Tianna was by no means a pampered rich young lady. Rather, due to the laissez-faire nature of her parents, she learned various things from his tutors and servants according to her curiosity. When she was a kid, she used to leave home and blend within the bustling streets.

To begin with, Tianna is a clever person. Rather than living as a proper lady, it could be said that it was in her nature to live with empty pockets. It could be said that because of the excitement of traveling alone, she was able to escape her life of grieving and mourning and head for the labyrinth city. After deciding for a long time in which inn to stay, she was finally able to take a break after unloading her things.

Everything starts here, Tianna said and renewed her determination.

「I need to find a job somehow」

A fallen noble or a fallen magician is bound to arrive at a labyrinth city.

This is one of the most liveliness cities in the country and has a lot of jobs waiting for you.

There is a job called adventurer for poor people who can’t eat their fill.

And for the wise men who just got out of school, workplaces such as commercial guilds and mage workshops are posting jobs. For Tianna, who is skilled in magic, calculating, and knows the law, work is more important than anything else.

…Or so it should have been.

「Ahー, sorry, we’re full already」

「Our Institute of Magic will not hire anyone without a letter of introduction. Go home」

「There is no place for a noble daughter in a place like mine」

「We pray for your future endeavors, Tianna-sama」

Her job hunting was… a total disaster.

In fact, at present, there were too many mage job seekers.

Due to a coup d’état in the neighboring country of the Dinesh Holy Kingdom, the magic empire Shembad, talented magicians defected to the labyrinth city. In the Dinesh Holy Kingdom, you can hire talented people at cheap salaries that you would not be able to hire if you didn’t have dozens of gold coins available. The employment ice age had arrived.

The same was true for clerical jobs that required calculation and writing. The official language is the same in both the Dinesh and Shembad countries. If there is a difference, it is only a slight difference in dialect, so there is no problem in communication. Tianna’s fortune was too miserable.


The money she was given from her home was plentiful.

It will last for a while.

However, her fiancé has dumped her, her parents have dumped her, and even when she was looking for a job, she was told the words “we don’t need you”, so even for Tianna, she was at her limit.

She buys bread at a cheap bakery, eats at a park, and looks for a job.

No matter how much she lowers and lowers the range of her requirements, she cannot get a job at all.

All she could do was sigh.

It was such a time.

「Hi, beautiful young lady, are you perhaps free?」

「If it’s for a pick-up, I refuse」

Saying this, Tianna tilted her wand at the young man who had suddenly spoken to her.

「Whoa, that’s dangerous! Well, if you use magic in the city, it’s a crime, you know!?」

「Then don’t talk to me」

Tianna knew that, of course.

It was just a threat.

But the man’s good looks and well-made face reminded of her fiancé, Alex, so she was only mildly annoyed.

「No, no, I’m not trying to pick you up. All I wanted to do was give you a flyer」

「A flyer…?」

「Labyrinth city specialty, Dragon race! Look at it!」

「Dragon race…?」

「The dragon runs, and you decide which dragon is the fastest.

Even betting it’s exciting, how about that?」

Tianna stared at the flyer the man had handed her.

In the royal city where Tianna lived, the operation of casinos and gambling houses was forbidden. She has never been to public gambling like a dragon race even once. She’s only seen knights opening their own gambling dens for their own fights, but all she could think was, 「They’re doing something stupid」.

「There’s a free admission ticket with it, stop by anytime you want. You’re more than welcome」


I’m not interested at all.

Perhaps the man had given up too.

He soon went away from Tianna.

But on a spur of the moment, Tianna decided to go see the dragon race.

Tianna remembered the story that in the place where they make the dragons race, they employ many magicians.

It is said that there are various jobs, such as cracking down on people who bring in magic tools to interfere with the race or putting up a barrier that prevents them from using magic. Moreover, if it was a city-recognized public gambling den, they would have to check people’s identities before hiring them. She may have been kicked out of her home, but she was still the daughter of a noble. She should be more trustworthy than those foreign magicians who came to seek asylum.

「…I should try going」


Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World Ch.3

◆Mage/A former noble daughter whose engagement was broken up/Tianna, the gambling maniac

In this country… At the aristocratic school of the Dinesh Holy Kingdom, you learn many things.










But what’s really important in this school is,

「【Lightning strike】!」


A loud and dignified voice echoed in the aristocratic school’s magic practice area.

And the moment the spell resounded, the sky was suddenly enveloped in dark clouds and lightning fell.

A roaring sound and a violent flash.

The teachers who had been watching let out a sigh of admiration.

「…Magnificent. As expected of the prestigious Elenafelt house」

「To be able to freely manipulate advanced thunder magic which is said to being impossible unless one is proficient in both water magic and wind magic!」

「It’s a pity that she was born as a woman…」

Magic is a comprehensive field that runs through all sorts of disciplines, including mathematics, philosophy, and history.

However, it’s not just a weapon for mercenaries and adventurers to live out their short-lived days.

The aristocratic mages had such pride.

And now, Tiana, who had cast the【Lightning Strike】magic, was also proud of her magic.

「…it’s not for personal advancement.

I’m only learning magic for my own improvement」

Tiana said, fluttering her proud chestnut-colored hair.

She was about half a head shorter than the boys and girls of her age, and although Tiana’s face is well-groomed, she still has a childishness about her, but even so, she looked dignified as she boldly answered the compliment while puffing her chest full of pride.

「As expected. Your skill and noble will are the pride of our school」

「Thank you, Teacher Bellocchio」

Tiana thanked her mentor, but still felt a little guilty about it.

It was only half a lie to say that she was learning magic for her own improvement.

Tiana had another important objective in mind.

「You have satisfactorily fulfilled your graduation requirements.

That’s all for today’s exam.

Thank you for your hard work, Tiana」


Tiana bowed politely to Bellocchio and then left the training ground, her expression stiffened so as not to show her cheerfully mood.

Her next destination was already fixed.

She left the noble school and headed to the coffee shop for nobles in the royal capital.

As she walks along the gorgeous cobblestone streets, the smell of fragrant coffee tickles her nostrils.

This was the favorite restaurant of Tiana’s lover.

A bell attached to the door rang a delightful sound as it opened.

As if blessing the cheerful mood.


「I wonder if Alex is here?」

「Ah, umm…」

The clerk stammered.

「Ah, so he’s here?」

「Ah, customer…!」

He must be in the usual place, Tiana guessed.

Alex liked the second-floor seats in this shop.

It’s almost like a reserved seat.


Tiana walked up the stairs and called out to the man chatting at the window.

He is being accosted by girls again.

She’s probably a dull woman who only wants to see Alex’s face and position.

I don’t have to even speak about it.

「Hi, Tiana… you look well」

「Hm? What’s wrong, Alex? You look strangely happy」

Alex is Tiana’s fiancée.

He is the heir to a baron house and was a student just like Tiana.

He has delicate blonde hair like a woman and a delicate skin capable of being confused with that of a girl.

Tiana was secretly proud that the owner of such beauty was her fiancée .

However, lately, he had been skipping school and hanging out at coffee shops and salons a lot.

I believed Alex’s words, 「It’s important to make connections like this」, so I didn’t dare complain. In fact, it was because there were many people gathered around him.

….although I did complain about the fact that there were many women of the same age among them.

But Tiana prided herself on that she was his fiancée and also had a feeling of superiority because she knew the true good points about Alex, and not that superficial charm.

So, no matter what kind of woman Alex is talking to, she won’t be displeased.

「Rather, you’re the one who seems lively. It’s surprising」

「Surprising? About what? Better yet, listen to me, Alex」

「What’s the matter, did you perhaps surprise the teachers with another splendid magic trick?」

Without even noticing Alex’s sarcastic tone, Tiana

「That’s right!」

Said so.

「Father Bellocchio was pleased and said that it was the first time a woman of my age had ever chanted 【Lightning Strike】. I now can skip a year and graduate!」


「So, that’s why, Alex…」

Tiana, embarrassed, sat down next to Alex.

「Haa… I can’t believe that you’ve barely arrived and you’ve already started to brag.

Why don’t you try to be a little more graceful?」

The long dark-haired woman spoke to Tiana with a sarcastic smile.

Tiana finally got the human there into her sight.

「…I’m actually talking with Alex」

「Didn’t you see that Alex-sama was talking to me?

I don’t think it’s lady-like to bother a man like that」

「Hey, Alex. Could you have this child go away?」

Alex presses his glabella and then sighs.

「…Could you stop that? You are being a nuisance to the other customers and clerks」


「No ‘but’s!」

This was the first time Tiana had ever seen Alex raise his voice like this.


「You are always like this…

You don’t look at me at all.

Despite your rashness, there a limit to being too dense, don’t you think?」

「What do you mean…?」

「I’m talking about your proud magic! I’m sick of it!」

Tianna staggered involuntarily.

There had been many times when he had been jealous of her magic skills.

There were many times when she was told that her assertiveness was unwomanly.

But this and that was something she could bear for the sake of her beloved fiancée .

「Wh… Why…? You were the one who asked me to help you because you were going to become a mage… I only did for you」

She did her best.

Tiana’s faint voice was drowned out by Alex’s piercing cry voice.

「You said you did your best for my sake? You’re gonna have to use your head a little more than that! You have no idea what kind of joke I became after you became the first! Hold yourself a little more! If you can read the air, you will know how hard you should try to help my every day and not hurt my honor, I’m not right!?」

「W-Wait a second… Alex, what happened with you…?」

There I heard a chuckle that sounded like a whisper.

Tiana surely glared at the smiling human face.

「Oh my, you’re scary, Tiana-sama」

「…Why don’t you start giving me your name before you call out to me?」

「Hmph, it seems that you really aren’t interested in other people… How arrogant.

Well, okay. I am Lene, the eldest daughter of the Delcott family」

「…Ah, I remembered. An upstart young girl who recently came to school」

The Delcott family was originally a merchant family.

They have made great profits in land and sea transportation using dragons.

Until three generations ago they were just commoners, but in recognition of the benefits that their speedy transportation has brought to the country, they were recognized as a baron.

They’ve recently started dabbling in finance. They are extremely generous to money-strapped nobles, and even high-ranking nobles can’t let their guard down. Their influence extended to the noble school, and many noble children were under the thumb of Lene.

Tiana had never had a conversation with Lene before.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know her face and name.

Ignoring her was the least unpleasant thing she could do.

After all, Alex’s fiancée is me.

There’s no way Alex would get serious about some upstart woman like her.

…Yes, I was convinced.

「Oh my, scary…」

「Tiana! Stop talking like that!

Lene is troubled because of the unfounded rumors she has heard…」

「Unfounded rumors you said?」

Tiana knew. She has seen Lene wield the power of her house and treat many of the students like servants. You can even call it an open secret. In fact, Tiana was in the position of being consulted by distressed classmates.

「Yeah, I’ve been consulting with her. About how she was being harassed. Moreover…」

With a painful sigh, Lene placed her hand on the back of Alex’s hand.

「Tiana, I can’t believe you were the perpetrator of that harassment」


Tiana, unintentionally, was taken aback by surprise.

Seeing that surprised look on her face, Alex and Lene grinned.

「I know you yielded your power and curried favor with a lot of people and even tried to fabricate Lene’s crimes」

「That’s right. And that’s where Alex-sama reached out to save me」

*Giri*, Tiana clenched her teeth.

「Besides, Tiana-sama, didn’t you seduce the instructors of the academy?」

「W-What are you saying…!?」

Tiana glared at Lene with a death stare.

「You know what that means? You insulted not only me, but the school itself」

「Haa… it’s you who doesn’t understand. It’s common sense to believe that there was something wrong with those people making the top student a woman」

「…do you want to get out there and do some black and white?」

In an aristocratic society that values honor, such an insult would be a fully-fledged crime.

Tiana’s words were not a threat or anything.

After all, that’s all it takes to plead for a trial.

But Lene graciously smiled at Tiana’s words.

「Yes, you’re more than welcome. Though I’m sure the teachers at the school will raise the white flag first before then」

「…what do you mean?」

A puzzled look spread across Tiana’s face.

It’s a bluff, anyway.

Tiana tried to convince herself.

But the woman in front of her has taken hold of the weaknesses of many humans and ensnared them.

And now it was Alex who answered Tiana’s bad premonition.

「Tiana. Teachers at this school are suspected of accepting bribes and manipulating the results of the entrance examinations and grades of their students. And you’re suspected of bribing and seducing them, too」

「S-Such a stupid story…!」

「That’s why I’m breaking off my engagement with you… Don’t ever show up before me again!」

Ningen Fushin no Boukenshatachi ga Sekai o Sukuu Youdesu Ch. 2

◆Light Warrior/Expelled adventurer/The Addicted to Minstrels, Nick 2

After that, a pathetic situation.

「That’s how it, Claudine. So, do you think I could get into your party?」


「I’ll do anything, I’ll be useful」

The coffee shop 「Fromage」in the labyrinth city was Nick and Claudine’s favorite place to go.

Claudine is a female adventurer of the same age as Nick.

She is a light warrior, just like Nick, and she happened to be shopping at the same weapon and tool store, soon after, they grew closer and became lovers. Nick fell in love with her fluffy but shimmering blonde hair and kind eyes, so he made the first move.

Nick has fulfilled many of Claudine’s wishes. On a date, Nick, as one might expect, treated her, and even when she was short of money, he lends her.

The bond between the two of them is stronger than the party.

Or that how it was supposed to be.


「Hey, I’m begging you」

「I’m sorry, but can’t do it. After all, I’ll lose my job that way, right?」

「C-Can you ask at least one person? I’m not only a scout, but I’m also pretty good at fighting as a vanguard…」

「Should we break?」


「Because you’re just a dumb weak warrior without All Martial Arts」


「I thought he must be amazing because he’s in a party that’s called “A rank” only in terms of ability… but if he’s getting kicked out, isn’t he just a parasite? I used to put up with it even if we were a little poor, but now, I’m really disappointed」

「You are w-wrong! I’ll absolutely…!」

At that moment, a well-built man sat forcibly at the table where Nick and Claudine were sitting.

「Nick, was it? You don’t get it, do you?」

A kumadori-like facial pattern and feline ears. Fierce golden eyes.

The tiger race is renowned for their strength and bravery.


Nick stares without flinching.

Seeing that, the tiger man just huffed boredly.

It wasn’t the tiger man who answered Nick’s question, it was Claudine.

「My, 【Iron Tiger Crew】, leader, Leon. He’s pretty strong, you know?」

「I’m Leon. By the way, hear me… aren’t you troubling my cute little scout? What the hell you think you are doing, bastard!?」

「Troubling…? That’s not it. I’m just asking my girlfriend for something」

「Girlfriend? Come on, stop that. Hey Leon, help me. This guy is persistent」


At Claudine’s words, Nick raised his voice in surprise and anger.

「What the hell are you doing to my girl, you bastard!?」

「What the fuck! Claudine is…!」

But that’s where Nick noticed.

The glittering of the talisman hanging on the neck of the man called Leon.

That isn’t just an accessory.

That’s a full-fledged tool that strengthens your defense against curses and elemental attacks.


「…Why the fuck are you wearing that?」

「Oh, this? It’s a gift from her」

Leon answered with a sarcastic laugh.

However, that was something that Nick supposedly have give to Claudine.

「You bastard…!」

「Oh, are we going to fight? That’s okay, come on, give it a shot. But you know, don’t think you’re going to get away after hitting each other in a place like this for free, do you?」

Just as Nick stood up, a few people stood up from behind him.

Bloodlust stabbed Nick in the back.

「Ahー, so that’s how it is…?」

Nick was already surrounded by men.

They are men wearing leather armor and holding swords at their waists, they look like adventurers by the looks of it.

The fact that they were already there probably meant that they were going to threaten Nick from the start.

Probably to make them break out after finding out that Nick had been kicked out of 【All Martial Arts】.

In short, Claudine was going out with Nick to squeeze as much as she could out of him.

But now, finally, the time has come to throw him away.

Nick finally had understood that.

「Nick, you used to be very helpful at appraising accessories, besides, it’s surprisingly expensive to have a professional do it. Even though this talisman also seems to be cheap, but the effect is perfect, so, thank you. …But that’s enough now」

At Claudine’s sneer, Nick felt his strength being drained from his entire body.

In addition to been deceived, I’m no longer needed by the deceiving side.

「That’s why. Go home. I’ll let you off the hook right now」


That blatant attitude made Nick lose the will to even hit.

Nothing you say to these guys will get through to them.

Feelings of helplessness, futility, and despair.

Such negative emotions dominated Nick.

After that, his situation became more and more pathetic.

Nick has no hobbies-like hobbies.

Even when he was on his own, all he do was train and take care of his equipment.

As someone who can’t hold his liquor, he can’t drink much.

He doesn’t even have the hobby to go to the place where there is a beautiful bar.

Rather than feeling sorry for women who were willing to keep him company, he had an uptight personality, after all, he had a girlfriend, to begin with. Until just a few moments ago.

She… even the dates he had with Claudine, was basically just fulfilling her wishes.

As Nick looked back and thought about it, he was just being treated like a good moneymaker.

Nick realizes now that, in the confusion, has been trampled with debt.

There weren’t many ways for Nick to clear his mind of such depression.

But there was only one thing that he could enjoy like a child.

「Aah~♪ Let the flag shine~♪ A saint shakes off the darkness~♪」



It was a minstrel’s performance.

Famous minstrels rent out parks and plazas rather than taverns.

Because they use a magic sound amplifier to show off their beautiful voices, they can sometimes be heard from the outskirts.

However, it was necessary to buy an expensive ticket to get close enough to see them.

Until now, Nick had been frugal with his money and was content with the sounds leaking out of the venue.

But now, he was in complete desperation.

Nick had become a respectable addicted to minstrels.

「Ya~y♪ Does everyone have it!?」

「Lapis-chan! The best!」

Nick had spent the little money he had at his disposal so generously that he had lost his mind and listened to the minstrel’s voice, cheering him on.

The star of today’s show is Lapis Lazuli, a traveling minstrel who made a name for herself in the royal city.

Enigmatic lapis lazuli blue hair.

A supple body.

A dazzling costumes that envelop it.

Normally, she looks unsophisticated, but once she starts to sing, your impression of her is completely changed.

A young child-like voice, a cool voice, a pretty voice.

Everyone is amazed and fascinated by the variety of voices.

And he threw out some coins without regret.

Once the minstrel Lapis Lazuli was gone, another minstrel made her appearance. We cheered as hard as we could and tossed them some coins.

However, there is no way such a self-indulgent life can continue.

By the time Nick finally cooled off, he’d spent almost all the money he’d saved so far.

From the beginning, he couldn’t afford to play so much.

If you do simple math on the remaining money, he ends up eating and sleeping in a bottom-ranked inn…

「Shit… I should get to work soon」

Nick finally started to move.

But when it comes to working, the only job Nick is capable of is being an adventurer.

He may have a lot of skills, but when it comes to earning money, the work you’ve been doing is the best.

So Nick goes to a branch of the adventurers’ guild where the novice adventurers gather 『New Beads』.

One is not allowed to explore the labyrinth in this city alone.

Even if they are two, if they do not possess someone of considerable strength, they are not allowed.

Basically, you have to have a party or four or more.

The 『New Beads』functions as a meeting place to scout new adventurers who hadn’t yet formed a party, or to people wanting to be scouted somewhere.

Nick thought about calling out to someone there.

His old party 【All Martial Arts】was known as a powerhouse.

If he were to reveal his background, he will surely be able to find a party that will accept him.

Still, the moment he tried to call someone, his voice didn’t come out.

He was scared,

The thorns of the words, 「You are no longer needed」 were still piercing his heart.

In the end, Nick wandered around the Adventurers Guild without being able to call out to anyone and was locked out of the guild as the business hours ended.


Nick sighed and walked into the tavern next to him.

This is a place for new adventurers that serves only the bare minimum of food and drinks.

At a nearby table, a young adventurer whose party had just formed was in high spirits.

「You alone? Sit down at that empty table」

I sit at the table in which the clerk annoyingly guided me and asked for a meal for one person.

Barley porridge with vegetable scraps and an ale diluted with water.

It doesn’t even have much salt in it, and it’s not even tasty.

But the novice adventurers ate it up as if they were having the greatest feast of all.

「A cheer for the birth of the party!」

「Nice to meet you! Leave the vanguard to me!」

「I’m counting on it! I’m an apprentice priest, but I’m good at healing magic!」

Those kinds of adventurers in high spirits were too dazzling to Nick.

I don’t think about anything, I just wait for the food and alcohol to come.

Then the clerk approached Nick.

It’s finally here… and Nick was relieved, but the clerk was empty-handed.

「Customer, do you mind sharing your table? The counter is full」

「Hm? Alright」

The table at which Nick sat was apparently meant to push lone customers into it.

One by one is pushed like in an assembly line.

The table for four was filled in no time.

(It would be too troublesome if they talk to me.

I guess there’s a reason you all are alone in a restaurant… Like me.

Nick sneaked a sideways glance at the three newly-guided people that were in the same table.

Each one of them is weird, Nick thought.

The first was an elegant-looking woman with chestnut hair.

Though she wears a magician’s robe, the arms peeking out of the sleeves are thin and overall of small build.

Both the robe and the staff seem to be of high quality, probably the daughter of a noble or a high-class merchant.

On the other hand, some things canceled out elegance and beauty.

She has a hell of a nasty look in her eyes.

If she smiled, she could be considered a peerless beauty.

But now she had the threatening air of being able to suddenly stab someone to death with a knife.

Perhaps the customers in the surrounding tavern sensed the dangerous atmosphere, but no one dared to speak to them.

The second one was a red-haired dragon race woman.

Two horns, a tail, and scales covering the arms are exactly the characteristics of the dragon people.

Under a leather jacket full of scratches, you can see a glimpse of leather armor.

Probably a vanguard warrior.

Her outward appearance was both wild and feminine.

Her breasts are large, her abs are beautiful, and she has a type of beauty that can mesmerize you if you look at her.

The strong and beautiful Dragon People tribe should also be in great demand, but none of them called out for her.

Like the woman, she had a terrible look in her eyes.

She looked like she was about to punch someone in the face.

The third one is a handsome man who looks like a priest.

But there was something wrong with this guy, too.

Priests usually have scriptures for chanting healing magic and wear a long-sleeved black outfit called a cassock.

But he didn’t have that important medal around his neck.

This is an important thing, with minor differences in shape that show which sect you belong to.

The absence of this means that he is probably a sinful priest.

He must have been excommunicated and had his medal confiscated, Nick guessed.

As if to support my guesses, a makeup-smell was coming from somewhere the man.

Probably returning from a tavern or a brothel with women.

At least to Nick’s knowledge, no temple allows their priests to go to brothels.

Perhaps the guests realized that something was wrong, and did not try to call him, even though it is a popular class.

Nick had a self-deprecating grin-like on his mouth.

He thought that he looked just as bad as they did.

Then, at a table where no one was talking, the clerk finally brought drinks and food to the table.

No one replied to the clerk’s false voice saying, 「Please take your time」.

Nick drank the lukewarm ale in a gulp.

And the irritated feelings that he had built up so far have slipped out of his mouth.

「「「「Humans can’t be trusted!!!!」」」」


Did we just say the same thing?


Ningen Fushin no Boukenshatachi ga Sekai o Sukuu Youdesu Ch. 1

I’m planning to pick another one, I don’t know which yet. If you have a recommendation of a webnovel, you can leave it in the comments

◆Light Warrior/Expelled adventurer/The Addicted to Minstrels, Nick 1

「Nick… You are no longer needed in our party」

An adventurer party is like a family.

The experienced adventurers are hard on the rookies, but instead, they teach them the ABC’s of adventuring.

The rookies faithfully respond to the senior’s words, even if it sometimes feels domineering.

A leader must always watch over and guide everyone like a father.

And as such, the members are loyal as children.

This is the ideal that the adventurers should aim for in this labyrinth city, a tradition.

「…Tsk, is that so?」

That’s bullshit.

Nick had always thought so.

This is the Dinesh Holy Kingdom, the labyrinth city of Terane.

In addition to being a magical place surrounded by many labyrinths, it is also an entertainment district where more than 100,000 people gather.

An adventurer party called 【All Martial Arts】 was staying in an inn in that labyrinth city.

Argus, the leader of the All Martial Arts, left Nick alone at the dining room table after the entire party had finished their dinner at the inn.

And when it was just the two of them, Nick was told goodbye from Argus.

「Aah, I wanted you to go for a long time. …You want to know why?」

Argus’s words, who looked like an ogre with his red crew cut, were heavy.

But Nick didn’t think he was scary at all.

He knew that Argus was a kinder and gentler man than anyone else.

So Nick wasn’t scared, just feeling lonely and disappointed.

「That’s natural, you have to properly explain it」

When Nick said so, Argus started clicking his tongue,

「That sums it up」

and said.

「Just say it, Argus」

「Okay, I’ll say it. You’re too meticulous.

Adventurers are not something like that.

Even if you don’t put it into words, you can still convey your feelings, and that’s what comrades are」

「…Perhaps so」

「Whether you are adventuring with your friends or buy and sell things, you put your words before your feelings. That’s despite the fact that the other person is in a bad mood」

「Of course, I’d complain if I was going to get ripped off!

Just like an adventurer fights in a labyrinth, a merchant fights in a negotiation, am I not right!」

「Our opponents are monsters that live in the labyrinth. Human beings are our allies」

「Argus, you have too much trust in merchants. Even at that time…」

「Nick, I’m not gonna listen to that.

Even the others are sick in the way you talk to them」

「Like Garosso?」

That’s the name of a fellow who belongs to the same 【All Martial Arts】as Nick and the others.


「It can’t be helped, right!? He took money out of his party wallet for some girl, got deceived by her… If it was just one, okay, but how many is that now? Even if I accuse Garosso of stealing, I can still win!」

「Still, he’s a reliable person」

「Of course, he is strong! As a katana user, he’s the best!

But if you just let him get away with it, there would be nothing left!

There’s no point in going to a dangerous adventure that way!」

「There’s a point in an adventure! I’m sure even you’ve got a girl that you’ve embraced, too!」

「There is one, but I’m not taking our money for her! That’s a different thing!」

「I’m telling you, you don’t act like an adventurer!」

*Thump!* Argus just hit the table.

Nick held his hand firm as the liquor which was poured into the wooden cup was about to spill over.

Nick doesn’t think he is in wrong here.

So there was an argument.

All members in the adventurer party 【All Martial Arts】 are too sloppy.

To show his adventurous nature, the day they have a successful adventure Argus treats people without even thinking about it.

He also tips taverns, innkeepers, and various merchants.

It’s a business where you never know when you’re going to die, so it doesn’t hurt to have others in your favor.

But Nick had told Argus many times that he had to do it within the range of their profits.

For example, even if you acquire a treasure in the labyrinth or defeat a named monster and win a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that you will happily after.

You need to buy the medicinal herbs you wasted, take care of the equipment, and distribute the rewards to everyone.

And then, the remaining money… the true profit, needs to be determined.

However, Argus and the others put counting of money aside and behave in a big way.

Even when Nick said ‘this can’t go on, we’re not making any money’, Argus didn’t stop.

On the contrary, he just said, 「Adventurers shouldn’t be stinging like that」.

So, in the end, he had to borrow money from the merchants.

「That’s why, stop being an adventurer. You’re still on time, I’ll even let you off the hook」

「Let me off the hook? About what?」

「…aren’t you the one who took the money out of our wallet?」


Those words came as a shock to Nick, as expected.

Despite the recent crashes, Nick had never disliked Argus.

It was Argus who raised Nick, a helpless child with no special skills, into a full-fledged adventurer.

He is a strong leader and mentor to Nick.

Not matter what he says, he’s still indebted. He respects him.

That’s why Nick dared to say some harsh words.

Nick’s thoughts were about to be shattered.

「Garosso, Dean, and Belik, everyone says you did it」

Argus said the names of guild members who weren’t here with them.

「W-Wait a second! And you are going to believe that!?

Even though I don’t gamble, drink, or drown in women!?

To begin with, I’m in charge of the party’s wallet, after all!

I can explain exactly how all the money came and went!」

The other members were sloppy with their money, too.

Garosso is often deceived by women.

Dean and Belik love gambling and their lives are sloppy.

There were many times when he was asked for money for the sake of the party.

Hence, Nick became terribly cautious about handling the money.

He can explain everything from how he spends his money to the ins and outs of the party’s money.

Nick confidently denied any doubts about himself.

「…That’s not it, that’s not it, Nick.」

Argus, however, shook his head sadly.

「W-Why… Why such a thing!?」

「Those are not the words I wanted to hear.

It was one of those two,『Trust me』 or 『I’m sorry』, Nick」

「…That’s the same as saying nothing at all」

Nick was so stunned he couldn’t even yell with anger.

「No, you’re wrong.

Adventurers are all yakuza who can only brag about their skills.

Eloquent, able to calculate, and can write.

A guy like that… should have an honest job.

If you’re smart and skilled, you can serve some nobleman, become a knight or something.

I’m sure you’ll have success」

「Stop fucking with me! There are plenty of adventurers out there who can do that!

Or, are you telling me that if you’re smart enough, you shouldn’t be an adventurer!」

「At least, not in my party. To speak frankly, you are a nuisance」

Nick was no longer able to say anything.

Even though I have been working so hard to repay Argus for all he’s done for me.

Argus even said he has been working every day to make us a top-tier party.

Nick doesn’t have a very adventurer-like body.

He is of normal height, but has a thin body.

He has a little magic power, but has not magic that can be used in actual combat.

Still, Nick prides himself on not being inferior to those half-hearted adventurers, but he is inevitably inferior to the skilled warriors in the same party.

Still, he had only his manual dexterity and memory.

So he intended to make use of them, and improve a lot of things about him.

A weapon technique that can be used even if you don’t have thick arms like a log.

How to win against someone bigger than you.

How to remove traps.

Knowledge of monsters in the labyrinth.

What to do when you get lost in the labyrinth.

Taking care of your weapons and armors.

Judging the treasures of the labyrinth.

Reading, writing, and calculation.

The way to keep an account book.

Negotiations with merchants.

Each one of them to the minor details.

Such things should have helped.

All of Nick’s efforts and confidence were denied.

「…you’re going to take Garosso and the other three idiots side over me」

「That’s right. Garosso and those three have to be adventurers or they won’t survive.

But Nick, you don’t have anything like that.

You can even become a merchant if you want to.

You could even be an employee of the adventurer’s guild.

So it’s not about the facts, who is right as in law, things like that.

I don’t have any plans to talk with you about that」

「Is that so」

Nick liked Argus.

He looked up him like a brother or father.

And now, this is as far as it went.

「In that case, I don’t need this party either」

As Nick got up and walked out of the inn, Argus said, 「Stay in good health」.

Nick left the inn without saying anything.