Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou – 138

There’s no tomorrow for a pervert

Side: Ria

Today we are going to march into the Demon King’s castle.

For me, It will be the first battlefield in which I will put my life on the line.

My level 153 may be high, but because I was cherished, I could only raise it in the safety of Yuki-san’s dungeon, so it’s a fact that I don’t have much experience. When I was in the village, I should have helped them get rid of the goblins.

Since it doesn’t matter how trivial the thing is, it would have become an experience and I wouldn’t have to make Yuki-san suffer from these things.

「Good morning. N, have you not slept?」

While I was absorbed in my thoughts, Yuki-san looked at me with a worried face.

Since today is the Demon King’s castle assault, everyone has been relieved of their duties.

Everyone is adjusting their physical and mental conditions in their own way at the inn.

Even I, and well, there is a bit of truth in that I could not sleep as Yuki-san said, but he’s a bit wrong too.

「It is true that I slept little, but the truth is that although I received Narujia’s powerful armor, Yuki’s wedding ring and my status was multiplied by 5… I’m scared. What if I hold back everyone?」

I conveying my true feelings right now.

「N, that’s not okay」

「I-I’m sorry」

Ah, I couldn’t meet Yuki-san’s expectations.

I have disappointed him. It’s because even though I’m a hero I said pathetic things…

I want to die…

「It’s like I said, that’s not okay. It’s natural that you will hold us back. What you should be afraid of is leaving everyone behind if you die」


「It is natural for a newcomer to hold everyone back. What you, Lia, should be afraid is, you dying, me or our friends. Okay? If you were to die, I’ll cry, you know? Maybe I would feel like going after you?」

「P-Please stop saying such things!!」

「You don’t like it, right? And I’m sure it will be scary not to be able to talk to each other again」

「…Yes. I’ve been through that」

「That’s why, here」


Yuki-san suddenly hugged me and put me on his lap.

「Now you don’t have to be afraid of holding everyone back or dying. Everything will be fine since you have everyone. Let’s all go home together」

「Yes, it’s as you say」

This warmth and that voice are dispelling all my worries.

「Ah, right, no matter what, try to protect your abdomen」

「Why should I?」

「You could have a child inside」

「!!? I’ll definitely protect it」

Yuki-san’s child.

Those who try to harm our child will be erased from the earth!!

Demon King, if you are trying to harm the people of this world, I won’t forgive you.

And finally, the operation is about to start.

The place of departure is from Weed’s military facilities, and in the unlikely event we fall down and the enemy tries to invade, this place will also serve to stop them.

In the meantime, Labiris and the others are planning to release the transfer gate.

「Then, the current time is 22:33. The operation will begin at 23:00. Is everyone ready?」

Everyone nodded.

「I think I explained it before, but at that time is when most of the enemies will be sleeping」

「Of course, Unlike Weed that uses electricity, it’s useless for them to be awaken at this time since they would have to use things like magic or candles. As long as nothing unexpected happens」

Seraria says so.

I also think that it’s like that. Because Weed is strange, right?

Even at night, the lights are easily lit and possesses an incomparable brightness compared with candles and light magic.

Originally one would have their dinner and then go to sleep once the sun went down.

So if anyone had some work to do at night, one would light the candles, though it would be expensive.

With respect to magic power, I don’t have any problem myself thanks to my current level, but a villager can only maintain their magic power for a maximum of one hour from level 7 and so on without exhausting theirself.

That’s why ordinary people, no, even countries, try to use the minimum and necessary.

That is why the night attack that Yuki-san will initiate, is the most suitable course of action.

「Then, I’ll explain the current situation. Right now, the demon king’s army is being held back by the hero party at Rumel. It’s said that the number of their losses is around 130000, and even though they have lost a considerable number of troops, it seems that they have no intention of pulling back since most of those who died are monsters. However, because the number of losses has exceeded one hundred thousand from the beginning, they have not tried to advance again」

I see, the Demon King’s main force has not moved yet.

Then we don’t need to rush.

「Next is about the alliance’s march situation. Although it was unexpected, they have suffered a setback on a hidden route that leads to the castle of the Demon King. The estimated time it will take them to reach the gate will be extended by two or three days」

Fumu fumu, no matter how accurate the map is, we did not know how rough the road could be.

「Despite this, there are no changes in today’s operation. As planned, we’ll capture the Demon King’s castle today. The longer the gates work preparation period the easier will be」

That’s right. Since the time Ririana-san will have to gather inside information will be larger.

「Also, this is another matter. Rankusu has already being chased out from the royal capital and is being pursued by the Liberation Army and Allies Forces from Gartz led by Taiki-kun. According to Taiki-kun’s support team from Kiyu, it seems that after a triumphant return, he was welcomed with a great reception. And so he declared at the banquet, attack the royal capital and capture it. The king and the queen were captured. That idiot princess escaped. The remaining number of survivors is about 500, they will be hardly able to resist」

「…Is he stupid?」

「They were using the hero’s name as they wanted. I’m sure it went like this. They thought that Teak from Gartz also came to bow their head to them」


It seems that that useless country has reached its limits.

「This was possible thanks to Taiki-kun’s hard work until now. This sudden rebellion was stopped before it began. The people which Taiki-kun was most worried about and took care of him escaped in advance before the incident at the banquet and let him occupy the capital as quickly as possible so as not to cause trouble」


I should say it was to be expected from someone that came from the same world as Yuki-san.

「Finally, all those who are left behind will take care of Weed. I don’t expect a perfect job, but I would like for everyone to do your utmost. According to the result, the situation will become more favorable for us. So as to not waste everyone efforts, I’ll make today fall the Demon King’s castle」


At the end of the meeting, everyone’s alarm rings from their CALL.

22:45, the operation starts.

「Okay, I’m going. Labiris, Athrin, Filia, Shera, Ellis, Lutz, Riel, Narujia-san, I entrust it to you all」

「「「Do your best!!」」」

We stepped on the transfer gate while the others were cheering on us.

「We’ll move as planned. Currently, we are in passage of the dungeon that I made right under the Demon King’s castle. Please check it on the MAP with CALL」

As Yuki-san said, everyone opened the MAP.

「I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again, the red dot is the position of the enemy. However, the red dots include all living forms inside the castle so it also includes the maids and the like. If they try to do something other than escape, you can cut them down, otherwise, you will be in danger. If you find cowards, you can use the stun gun that I lent you to make them faint. Zargis, Leia, I’m sure you two will be fine if you stun them」

Since it’s only a confirmation work, everyone immediately nods and urges to continue.

「Most are monsters, but this is the position of the Demon King. We’ll spread the transfer formation on the treasure room and continue from there. I’m sure they would not imagine for anything in the world that our entry and exit is on their treasure room. Once the monsters start making noise, the treasure room gatekeepers will be short of hands. Then, we’ll take control of the room, and proceed to take the Demon King’s neck. Then it would be your turn, Seraria, Deriyu, and Kaya. I’ll entrust you the defense of the treasure room. Don’t forget to block it from the inside so they can’t open it」

「Leave it to me」


「…It’s alright」

Yuki-san’s strategy is superb.

The enemy won’t even think twice about their treasure room becoming our doorway.

「Lastly, why don’t we take a look at the last movement of the person who has us most concerned of all, the Demon King? Since he is inside the dungeon, we can observe him. He’s now in the castle’s bedroom」

Yuki-san says and then the room where the Demon King is is projected.

There, he was…

『Suーha, suーha. Soon, yes, very soon, that Ririana will come to me on her knees, open her legs, and learn the joy of being a woman. Uhahahaha! Ups, suーha, suーha』

I found a pervert.

That’s not a Demon King at all.

No, it’s more like an abomination for the women than a Demon King. It’s the same than a  cockroach or worse.

「Ahー, it seems that the Demon King Dekira has woken up. For the strategy, let’s go with the spear. Okay?」


With the exception of Yuki-san, all the women could not feel but disgusted seeing that abomination reflected on the screen.

Ups, I have to concentrate.

There are roughly three kinds of plans this time for the Demon King’s castle assault.

1st plan: While the Demon King is sleeping, take care of all the monsters at once. After that, if the Demon King cannot be defeated with a surprise attack, it will be our turn to act. Alias, sword plan.

2nd plan: In case the Demon King is awake, it is possible that he finds out immediately due to all the monsters that will be roaming around the castle, so the plan is to kill him at the same time he notices us. Alias, spear plan.

3rd plan: If the Demon King notices us first, and we are still in the middle of our preparation, then the plan will be to incite all the monsters at once and while he is distracted dealing with them, we’ll shoot him down. Alias, bow plan.

Ah, I think the contents of the plan and the name itself differs too much, but I’m sure it’s on purpose.

If you think of a sword, then a direct confrontation, if you think of a spear, then a battle that makes use of distance and if you think of a bow, then a surprise attack from a long distance.

It’s what one would normally think, but for us, the naming is only a code, so that even if the enemy hears it, the plan wouldn’t be leaked.

「2300。 It’s time to start the operation」


And so, we move to the treasure room.

As soon as we got to the room, we spread out wary of our surroundings.

According to the information we obtained in advance, there are not strange traps inside the treasure room.

Yuki-san said that since the lock is almost impenetrable, they didn’t place traps that could damage the treasure inside.

There is only one entrance, and the door doesn’t have any magic mechanism that sounds an alarm either.

Yuki-san said that surveillance cameras are important.

But I wonder what’s a surveillance camera?

While we were observing the surroundings, Yuki-san started deploying the monsters, unlocking the treasure room… Rather, he did all with his authority as Dungeon Master.

Furthermore, we installed a bolt so that it can be locked from the inside.

Then, as expected, at 2305 we heard a person falling in front of the door with a thump.

As the vanguard, Yuki-san opened the door, and there it was the key to this time Demon King’s castle capture operation, the shadow snake. The shadow snake looked at us and nodded with a *gulp* and disappeared into the darkness of the corridor.

It seems that the Shadow Snake is a snake-like monster that likes to be active in the darkness.

I have never heard of such monsters.

It can be said that even Mauve the adventurer doesn’t know either.

Which isn’t surprising given that this Shadow Snake is a legendary monster with a level of 130.

This Shadow Snake is a monster found in an observation experiment performed in the arena, it doesn’t make a sound when moving, can suppress magic and can use the skill dark eyes. The perfect monster as an assassin.

Its overall length is about 4m, not so big but neither small, its agility, attack power matches its level 130, and it has the characteristic poison of the snakes. A disgusting monster.

A monster that can change its body color to camouflage itself with the environment, a really scary monster.

Its original color is unexpectedly white.

We can’t just leave everything to the Shadow Snakes.

Under Ririana’s leadership, we run towards the Demon King’s room.

On our way, the Undead Dullahan・Assassin and the healer Wight ・ Noir were saluting us.

Under their feet were pools of blood from soldiers who were curled up with strings all over the ground.


Although I don’t know much about Dullahan, I know that it is a high-ranking monster and, just like his name Assassin, specializes in assassinations.

Its level 120 is lower than the Shadow Snake, but compared to the Shadow Snake, its defense is superior, its speed is high and by some reason, although its wearing iron armor, it doesn’t make any noise at all when moving.


It’s said that this monster although an undead, the original body was that of a high ranking magician before changing into a monster.

It seems that Mauve and his group fought against it once and managed to defeat it, however, the city fell.

Wight can use magic of course, it can even enslave monster and it’s said that the one who took leadership during the great flood of monsters was nothing less than a Wight, but it seems that the one that Mauve fought against was one of the lowest ranks of its type.

Noir specializes in support magic, one of them is healing magic, but because it doesn’t work with the undead, it is a pain to send it to the front to command.

According to what the adventurer Locke said, the appearance of Wight Noir was confirmed more than 110 years ago, and by the time it had destroyed two small countries, the adventurer guild was finally able to defeat it.

By the way, its lowest level is 90.

Also, Yuki-san said why it has a French name, but I wonder what is French?

Shadow Snake, Dullahan Assassin, and Wight Noir, these three monsters? people? formed a team and were neutralizing the enemies inside the castle.

Their number is 300. In other words, there are 100 teams neutralizing and killing the enemy that shows hostility inside the castle.

After going through a few corners, Ririana-san stops in front of a door.

Everyone stopped and waited for Ririana to nod, once she confirmed, everyone understood that they were in front of the Demon King’s room.

Yuki-san looks at everyone for an instant, then the moment he nods, he kicks down the gorgeous door, and starts looking for the Demon… king…

「Haahaー!! Finally, I have it on my head!! Ririana’s underwear!! What’s has to be done now is this!!」

Having said that, the pervert puts the underwear that he thinks is Ririana’s in his mouth.


Ririana-san jumps out and starts hitting the Demon King’s face, sinking his face more and more into the bed.

「Guhaa!? Wh- Ririana!!? Kukuku, I don’t know how you got here, but you will regret not having given the final blow when you could!」

That being said, the pervert covered with underwear, gets up from the bed and says the following:

「Hoo, those behind are your accomplices? After killing the man, I will taste once the women behind you and then…」

The pervert couldn’t finish speaking until the end.

The reason is simple.


Inside the Demon King’s room, a piece of meat flew out.

「The pervert was disposed of. Ririana-san, what do you want to do with this room?」

「Let’s burn it. I don’t want anymore the clothes touched by Dekira, wrong, by that pervert」

I unlocked the sword barrel and asked Ririana-san what to do with this room.

Demon King? No, that’s already a piece of meat.

「Ah, um」

「What’s the matter, Yuki-san?」

Even though we are in the middle of the operation, Yuki-san is unusually shaken.

「Wait, we aren’t going to talk about what happened to the Demon King?」

「Eh? There was only a pervert here, isn’t that right?」

「Yes, there was only a pervert. As a Saint, I guarantee it. Lia’s action was not wrong at all」

「It’s good that the katana has not been dirtied」

「Now Yuki-san, burn it clean with your fire magic, please. For Ririana-san’s sake too」

「Ah, okay. I’ll do it」

I don’t whether I was woken up by Milly-san’s voice or not, but when I came to my senses, the room was being burned down.

Then the only thing left to do was to save the peace faction that is trapped in the underground and prepare for the farce.

Though I hardly helped, I would like to wash my sword with water.

Because you know, this sword was the one that killed the pervert, so if I don’t clean it properly, it would be disgusting, right?

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  1. Ririana = Liliana, Lia = Leia, please read my previous messages and correct the names!! Also please make the sentences as complete and understandable as possible, like if you are reading a normal book!!


      1. I don’t see how that twitter helps you at all. It is in japanese and there for needs to be translated just like the WN/LN. Please understand that I am not saying you need to change the names you use as it is ultimately what you think fits and you are the one translating. The complaints mostly come from the gap between your translation and the one everyone has been reading for the last 100 chapters leading to confusion on the identities of each character, and the Twitter you reference has no bearing on the translation of the various name. Though personally, I am just happy someone is translating this at all. To many stories out there of translations being dropped at the best parts.

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  2. Raia being changed to Leia is honestly the most annoying thing with this translation.
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