Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou – 139

Preparation for the farce

Side: Ririana

My favorite things are burning. How sad and empty. In many ways, it’s very frustrating.

When I think about how that pervert chased out me from my throne I…

No, I have to be firm. The demon king, no, that pervert, has been eliminated as planned, the next step is to go to the dungeon and help the peace faction.

「It’s okay, Yuki-san, it’s already enough. I would like to go the dungeon next, I wonder if it would be okay?」

「Ah, yes. Wait, wait a second. I’ll check the situation in the castle. Milly and Tori are guarding our exit. Ria is guarding with her shield the window. Rurua is preparing the fake」


Once Yuki-san gave the instructions, everyone took action.

I’ve been watching Yuki-san since he took charge of Weed, and to be honest, I wonder if you aren’t fully demonstrating your power as dungeon master from the moment you inherited it?

Herge-san holds the main authority of the dungeon, but as far I see, although it’s impolite for me to say it, she is not fit to be a ruler.

However, Yuki-san who was leading this operation is completely different.

The so-called strategy planning, the ability to act, the ability to make good use of the characteristics of the dungeon, everything about this person it’s out of the ordinary.

I’m sure it’s related someway to Weed, which has achieved such tremendous development and has completely unique ideas.

That being said, it’s not like he relies only on his brain.

To be honest, his magic power far surpasses mine.

And since this time he’s saving the country’s face, he restrained himself from playing an active role as an individual in this occasion, but even so, I wonder if it’s already impossible to stop Yuki-san?

Even right now, I’m still wondering why such a person took the position as an adviser.

「The action unit is speaking. Reporting about the mission progress, the strategy selected is spear. The target ARROW was cleared, moving onto the next objective, BETA. Currently, it’s 2324, the operation progress is extremely good, copy」

『This is the headquarters, copy. I wish you the best luck in your operation』

『Onii-chan, onee-chan, good luckー!!』

『Nii-sama, anee-sama, do your bestーー!!』

『Fufufu, this is the escape route unit, roger. It doesn’t seem that the enemy has noticed us, we’ll continue securing the escape route』

We are talking as if we are both next to each other.

No matter how you look at it, the speed of transmission and response of this little country called Weed is the best by far in this entire continent.

「Now, the report is over. What’s left to check is, what’s happening inside of the castle…」

By making full use of his skills as Dungeon Master, Yuki-san grasp the situation of the enemy forces inside the castle.

There is no waste in thinking, a quick decision.

I wonder what you have to do to get as far as him?

Even a captain or elite guard may not be capable enough like him.

「Alright, everyone, please listen to me but be on alert. There is no need for everyone to open the MAP」


「Currently, about 70% of the castle is silent. Not everyone could hide. There are three places where resistance is intense. One is the soldier’s barracks. I’ve already sent 10 groups as reinforcements so it should be settling down anytime. The second place is everywhere inside the castle, the elite guards who were guarding the castle. Immediately, the commanding officer in charge reported that they are in the middle of a counterattack, but they are not doing well because they are on the middle of the night, so it will take time. The third is the Four Heavenly Kings that remained in the castle. In accordance with Ririana’s information, one of them, the, um, the Brute Jester, was it? Because it has both, defensive power and speed, it is difficult for them to cause a fatal wound. For the last two places, I have sent 30 teams respectively. I’m sure the remaining 30% will be manageable with 40 teams」

I was stunned by Yuki-san’s report.

The overall number of people working in the castle is not much.

However, there are at least 3000 people. And although the 3000 are not soldiers, at least half, 1500, are soldiers.

And 70% of that number was silenced in just 20 minutes? I understand that the monsters summoned by Yuki-san are strong, but there is no way for demons to lose against them immediately.

「There are no remaining enemies until our destination. Yeah, I should say that everything was according to the plan. The support magic of Wight Noir is really scary. Wight Noir puts them to sleep, and then Dullahan Assasin catches them or kills them while Shadow Snake takes care of the soldiers patrolling the area」

I see, they did nothing that could awaken the enemy.

Certainly, there may be more than 3000 people inside the castle, but most of them are sleeping.

In other words, using this kind of monsters for this operation was the correct option.

But because they were wrapped in a bamboo mat, the amount of bloodshed was less than necessary.

「At 2330 we’ll start moving towards the dungeon. Ririana-san, lead us」


「Ria, how is the situation outside looking out from the window?」

「It’s quiet. Are there really people fighting out there?」

「There is a soldier’s barrack in the castle, but it’s far. The guard’s office is also on the opposite side. And as for the Four Heavenly Kings, one of them is purposely arguing about which of the four rooms, north, south, east, and west, corresponds to each one. Ririana-san, I would recommend reviewing the defense structure and its arrangement after the order is restored」

…The troops, the strategy you prepared, and how you led them. I can’t imagine anyone more capable than you as commander.

「Milly, Tori, how’s the outside?」

「「There’s no movement」」

「Rurua and Doppel, are your preparations done?」

「Yes, we are ready. You can see the pervert Doppel here」

In front of me was the doppelganger of the Demon King, no, of the pervert.

No, the doppelganger is inside, so this one is decent.

「Okay, let’s take the fake one with us since it will be easier to convince the others at the dungeon」

Certainly, before wasting our time, if the pervert appears in front of others and kneels down, it will be much easier to convince the others.

Although the head was barely left intact, we took it with us for those remaining at the gate, and as for the people who are in the dungeon, they are our, peace faction, allies, so there’s no need to prove anything. The important thing is that they don’t find out that they have been released now that the real pervert has died and has been replaced with a false one and that we have eliminated the monsters.

Because if a skirmish starts with the diehard supporters of the Demon King, surely a message will be sent to his marching army.

So until the gate and the castle haven’t fallen, we need the pervert to stay alive as the face.

Since if the operation is carried out successfully, even the diehard supporters won’t have another choice but to join the peace faction.

「2330。 Start the operation」

After Yuki-san said so, everyone went out quickly and started to check the surroundings while waiting for me.

For the strategy to work or not, it depends on my power of persuasion.

Right now, what I have to do is to make successful the goal in front of me rather than wishful thinking about what the future holds for us.

I go out into the corridor, and once again I start running in the darkness.

This is the road to the future.


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