Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou – 142

Demon King Castle Capture – First Part

Side: Ellis Doppel as Demon King adviser

「Dekira-sama!! A mixed force of humans beings has begun to advance to the castle gate!!」

「Fumu, so they were aiming at the dawn, huh? I thought it was going to be a night attack, but they took the safe way… All right, as planned, the gate’s forces will continue keeping the enemy under control. In the meantime, another unit will go behind and knock them down」

「Yes, I have understood!!」

Like that, one of the commanders left the room running.

It seems that Seraria has started advancing as scheduled.

「However, Dekira-sama, it was painful to have failed in summoning that powerful monster the other day」

「It’s no use to say such a thing now. It wasn’t Dekira-sama the one doing the summoning experiment and that guy has already lost his head. Besides, we obtained powerful monsters, so overall it’s not a loss」

「…That’s… right. Although losses have occurred, there wasn’t a lot of damage. There are still around 300 powerful monsters able to make the elite guards struggle for their lives. Also if we temporarily enlist the soldiers inside the castle, we have about 30.000 soldiers more」

「I’m sure you are right. The report indicated around a 10.000 force, there’s no need to worry, it should be safe」

Fumu fumu, I did nothing but listen to information while thinking about how to behave like a Demon King, but from what I’m hearing, it seems that the information about our Demon King’s castle operation was properly transmitted to the leaders as planned.

A demon magician found an ancient magic circle and used it to summon a monster causing a disturbance inside the castle.

The ancient magic circle = A place where to summon monsters using DP, but the truth was distorted making them believe that using MP will not consume DP.

Ah, of course, all 300 monsters participating in this battle are being weakened.

After that, Doppel, the one transformed into Dekira the pervert, executed the magician of the diehard supporters as the cause of the failure this time and confiscated all their research results about the summoning circle.

「But I wonder if it’s okay to have placed the peace faction at the forefront as the vanguard? I heard that a civil war happened and the gate was opened」

「You don’t have to worry about that too. That’s the reason why I placed them in the vanguard. If they get in the way or try to betray us you just need to shoot them down from behind. You all know that the castle gate has two protective walls. The peace faction will keep them down on the first barrier, and as for us, the diehard supporters, we only need to keep guard at the second barrier with our bows ready. If they try to betray us, we just have to shoot them from behind, and the moment the door falls, we will use the fire plan, lighting the already prepared oil inside the gate. By that time, if the peace faction betray us and tries to force its way through the barrier or the gate, we just need to burn them all together」

And so, here, what kind of action the peace faction should take changed.

After defeating the pervert, Ririana went to jail and explained the plan.

First, if the peace faction is sent to the front line, use the chance and changes side.

Of course, if there was a trap, you can just ignore everything and surrender to the Allied Forces.

Of course, they will be being watched from behind, but all just have to say is that you are going to pursue the enemy.

The enemy has their families hostage, but Dekira is on our side, so the safety of the hostages will be guaranteed with the functions of the Dungeon

Two, in case they try to execute the peace faction while they can.

This plan was not adopted, but in case it happened, Dekira (Doppel in disguise) would use the excuse of summoning monsters to use the magic circle and let them escape through it.

「I’m in contact with the invading forces of Rumel that are attacking the royal capital. With over 300,000 reinforcement from the other side, the guys from the peace faction won’t have a chance of victory even if they change sides」

「Right, even if the royal capital falls, we just need to take it back with our 300.000 forces」

「That’s right. As long as Dekira-sama and we are safe, we just need to cooperate with the Rumel invasion troops」

You’re wrong, all of you will die here.

Rather, I’ll be the one doing it.

「It’s like you have said, there’s no need to worry. I will slaughter all those inferior humans. I’ll not give myself to those half-hearted thoughts like Ririana. Everything will be controlled with absolute power」

「As expected of Dekira-sama!!」

「Umu, as long as we have a powerful Demon King with us, we won’t lose」

When the Demon King stood up and declared, all the leaders present rose one after the other and started shouting cries of praise.

I wonder how everything is going on Seraria’s side?

She should be setting the battle formation around the gate?

From the speed of Yuki-san’s actions, he should be yawning while waiting.

「If by any chance they reach the castle, we should use the people of the castle as a shield. They treat the demons as friends and comrades, and they don’t want to harm anybody who surrenders」

「Seriously, a bunch of softies just as Ririana」

「They won’t be able to win even a winnable battle. Why not make some of our soldiers surrender on purpose and make them kill the Allied Forces’ leaders and generals?」

「The war has already started and there’s Ririana on the other side. There is no need to waste our troops. After all, we chased her out from the throne. She won’t believe us so easily」

「That’s also true. There’s no need to bother with petty tricks. The war is already leaning toward our side」

No, it’s already leading to your inevitable defeat, are you aware?

You won’t be able to even escape.

However, this is troublesome.

According to the plan, the Demon King fell into madness and tried to kill all the people present, but one of them escaped alive and told what transpired in this place to others, but no one catches my attention.

I’m sure that some of the diehard supporters were forcibly recruited, but none of them talked back about the statement to use the citizens as shields to escape.

No one here has a backbone.

Should I make Doppel make a suitable body double and incite them like the one with Dekira?

I guess I should wait a little longer after all Doppel cannot make a perfect imitation and there is the worry about being discovered.

Well, let’s say that the time limit is until this conference ends.

After all, if all the people here scatters, no one will serve as a witness.

Come on, if you don’t try your best, the only thing reported will be that there weren’t any survivors, are you okay with that?

「I wonder what is the opinion of the head of the elite guards? You haven’t said a word so far」

「…Even if I oppose, everyone here already made their minds to use the citizens as shields」

「That’s right. The country will only survive as long as Dekira-sama and we live. …Ah, that’s right, you were appointed by Ririana」

「…Even now I can’t believe that Ririana-sama has cut two of the Four Heavenly Kings and caused strife with the three sides, Roshur, Gartz and Litea」

「She is just a criminal. Are you aware of what she did, right? She didn’t even deny what she did. In the end, that woman just continued saying naive things, trying to cheat her way through」

「…I already know what you are trying to say. But let me tell you only this. In the unlikely event that the Allied Forces reach the castle, only me and the elite guards will guide the people. You promised this, didn’t you?」

「Indeed, I did promise that. If you were to fight outside the castle you would be given at least that right. Rather, I feel like something is off? It would be nice if you could let people escape safely at that time. And during that time, we will escape quietly. But well, I don’t believe such thing will ever happen」

The meeting was wrapped in laughs.

Fumu fumu, it seems that at least one worthy person has appeared at the end.

Then, let’s make all the people present into scapegoats except that person.

「…It’s time. I found something interesting after having executed the person in charge of that failed summoning experiment」

「Oh, and what could that be?」

「I found a method to summon a monster even more powerful than those 300 monsters already summoned and make that power mine」

「That’s splendid!!」

「In fact, I already summoned it. I want for it to make its debut in this place…」

「We don’t mind!!」

Although not all of them agreed, almost everyone nodded after having heard that one person talk.

And then, a monster appeared in the conference room.


Every people present gulps when seeing that figure in the conference room, and raises voices of surprise.

To be honest, it was even disgusting for me to see that monster.

Can this thing be classified as a monster…? Yuki-san said that it was an undead type of monster.

Should it be called a man-made humanoid weapon that used a person as a base?

About two meters in height seems to hold easily a big sword and a big shield, and the magic of an arrow was deployed so it can shot magic anytime.

However, it doesn’t have skin, and everything inside its muscles on its body can be seen completely. It’s grotesque.

While thinking like that, that monster started eating one of the leaders and making blood spread inside the room.

「This thing gets stronger by eating people. I wonder how strong will it become after eating everyone here」

Dekira (Doppel in disguise) said so and started to incite the monster.

The conference room got stained with blood in a blink of an eye.

Yuki-san said this while watching this monster in the arena.

『What the heck, is it a biohazard? Lavos?』(TN: バイ○ハザードか、ラヴォ○かよ, I could be wrong)

I didn’t know the meaning of that word since it was a unique word from another world, but I heard what it means.

『A monster that continues to evolve』

There is no more suitable monster that it.

Now, Seraria the Demon King, please come quickly before all the people inside the castle disappears.

I don’t want to deal with it alone, it’s grotesque after all.

6 thoughts on “Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou – 142

  1. Biohazard is the Japanese name of Resident Evil. You may be right about the Lavos, I don’t know. The Japanese usually partly censor names like these when it comes to the merchandise terms.


  2. Lavos is a reference to Chrono Trigger. And when he was speaking about Biohazard, it was about Resident Evil, more precisely the monster appears to be similar to the Nemesis from RE3.


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