Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou – 1

Let’s Make a Dungeon

Dig over there woof woof

After the light disappeared and I regained my sight, I was standing between a forest and a wide plain.

「All right, it looks like you’re here this time」

By the way, she spent two full hours looking for me before she realized she had failed in transferring me. There is a limit to being an idiot.

「So, are you talking or not? About creating the dungeon?」

The surroundings may be quiet now, but I must not forget that I’m in a european medieval society where slavery is the norm and monsters roam around, as explained by the goddess so far.

I can’t calm down…

「Oh yes, but let’s first create a place where we can talk calmly first. By the way, I have already given you certain skills, try saying 「Dig over there woof woof 」.」



The silence continued.

「Why wouldn’t you say it?」

「Don’t give it such an idiotic name!!」

My anger is absolutely right.

But if we continue this way nothing will start… Ah, that’s right, she told me she had already given me skills. Then, maybe…


Luna is astonished. Because a window popped out in front of me without even saying 「Dig over there woof woof」 or whatever she wanted me to say.

By the way, the skill’s title was [Dig over there woof woof(LOL)]. Now I’m furious. Moreover, it has an animation of a dog digging a hole. Talk about a waste of skill!

「Hey, what’s without chanting! Read the mood!!」

「No, you are the one who has to read the mood!!」

I’m really grateful for having this chanteless skill in this kind of moment.

By the way, when I asked, she told me that you need to chant to activate magic or say the skills name.

It is difficult to invoke magic without chanting, but for example, to invoke the classic fireball you’d have to say 「Oh fire, use my magic power as source to…」and yada yada and it would activate. The height of Chuunibyou.

To make it easy, you can divide the chanting skills into different ranks…

No chanting>Shortened chant LV5 stage>Quick chant LV5 stage

Something like that. Skills have a five-level system… And although Luna could make it more detailed, she just doesn’t do it so to as not overcomplicate things.

You can think of it as if it were a human-friendly system.

By the way,「Dig over there Woof Woof」 has a chant and it’s four hours long… A foolish restriction.

Then, dig over there woof woof… Enough, let’s call it Dungeon Maker from now on. After seeing the skill, I learned more or less how to use it, besides there is a tutorial so I didn’t struggle. It may have synchronized with me and absorbed a mental image of a computer and that’s why now it’s showing me a 3D display of it. A touch panel projected on the air, futuristic PCs are something else…

「You’re so boring, anyway, here’s your starting salary」

The display from before came out in front of me with a *pirorin* sound effect.

【You have obtained 1500DP】

Don’t say things like initial salary! Although I’m now in a different world, it feels like I’m now in my new workplace… Wait, this is not different from a job… but even so, I wanted for it to be something like…

Once I pulled myself together I started to create the dungeon… And it seems that because Luna is here, no monsters can get close.

Then, this Dungeon Maker thing it’s really a difficult thing to handle.

First of all, in order to seize land, you have to consume DP.

What does it mean to seize land? In short, it’s like the purchasing right of land in Japan, something like that.

I complained to Luna that I didn’t feel like creating anything and leave it as it is.

「What’s with you? You can’t do something simple like this and you want to manage a dungeon?」

It’s reasonable but I can’t accept it. It seems that this old-fashioned method is and continues to be used by many, and so, when the dungeon grows to a certain extent they leave it as it is. That’s a matter of course! What, don’t believe me!? Give me a spreadsheet software!

By the way, there is maintenance cost too.

And you can buy things too… Seriously, it’s not different from Earth.

Okay, let’s write down the expenses for the time being. This Dungeon Maker seems to have a bookkeeping function.

200DP 2km of Land (100DP per 1km) and yearly maintenance (10DP per 1km)

100DP 1km of depth (100DP per 1km) and yearly maintenance (10DP per 1km)

300DP Dungeon formation (100DP per 1 floor)

150DP Dungeon customization (50DP per 1 floor) ※Customization refers to terrain changes

150DP Trap production (Manufacturing only) DP depends on the trap

30DP Customized Traps (Deployment) All 10DP per floor

300DP Monster Summoning (Details Later)

150DP Your own room’s personal furniture and so on… Mail order system

Total 1380DP, remaining 120DP, after deducting maintenance fee, total remaining 90DP

A painful world… I’m out if I stay indoors for four years… Aren’t my savings lower than when I was back on Earth?

But well, feeling like this, I made rooms without any mercy.

Ah, there is a precondition that says all the rooms must be connected, so the plan to isolate only my room was impossible. But I managed to do it somehow.

The other important thing, the so cliche 「Dungeon Core」 appeared.

Protecting it is one of the jobs, and it seems that in this world it can be sold high as a magic stone. An object worth saving DP for.

I got three of these.

In other words, If I lose all three, my rights as a dungeon’s manager will disappear. It won’t be a GAME OVER, but things will become tougher.

By the way, a dungeon cannot be operated if you don’t put in a minimum of 10 DP.

It seems like it plays the role of dungeon key like an of a bank’s.

I quickly placed 10DP and the rest I transferred to the other cores.

In addition, working cores collect a maintenance fee and after a year, if the DP is insufficient, the size of this is reduced. Its high performance is in vain right now.

Depending on how you look at it, it would be possible to control several dungeons at the same time.

Ah, I ended up selling the cores in the Dungeon management core sales corner. 5000DP per core.

There are a lot of ??? goods. Could it be the MS or AC or the likes…? I think they are those… but they ask for 10 million of DP…

「Hey, if you are done, let’s go to your room!」

Was she bored? Luna said with a sullen face.

Of who you think it’s the fault…?

I wanted to see the inside of the dungeon while going to my room, so I went straight to the 3rd floor as quickly as possible.

It seems that Luna had been caught splendidly in a trap. After I realized that deadly traps did not work on her, I got an actual feeling that she, as expected, was an existence similar to a God.


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