Strongest Slow Life 001

I’ve reincarnated

Well, that. Yes, that happened.

The so-called God failure. It seems like I have reincarnated.

…You’re taking it easy, eh?

It can’t be done anything now that I have died, right? Or could it be that you are going to revive me?

…That’s impossible.

Then don’t ask me such an obvious question.

…Are you not going to get angry at this irrationality?

Single, in my forties and a temporary employee. I have some savings, but no dreams and no future prospects. Such is my life that I decided to die alone or by illness so I can’t possibly say that my death was too premature and irrational.

You can have a funeral if you die in an accident, so at least something good came of it.

If I had to say it, then the only regret I have is not being able to see my parents anymore, but I’m sure they will fine since my older brother will be the one looking after them. Besides, they have many grandchildren and great-grandchildren to keep themselves busy. Even if I disappear, there will not be many problems.

…A child is a child. If you’re a decent parent, you’ll be sad.

If you say it that way, I can’t retort you anything, but well, even when I was alive, I was an unfilial son.

There were good things and bad things. I was able to live an average life without any kind of major trouble, and that’s enough for me.

…I see. If you are fine with that, then I won’t say anything more.

Well, yeah, it’s like that

…However, even if you say that you have lived a plentiful life, your death was this one fault. I have to apology somehow.

Such an upright God, eh? The bus overturned and killed its passengers, I’m sure it will be treated as an accident and nothing more.

It’s a pity when it happens to young people, but when someone dies, that someone stays dead. It’s not unusual for someone to have an unnatural death. Give up and enjoy your next life.

…But make no mistake, it’s not like I can reincarnate anyone.

It’s that so?

…Well, let’s leave that matter aside. Though It’s possible for you to reincarnate, you will be born in another world.

It’s not like I have the right to decide, so get on with it.

…You will, no, all of you will get three powers as an apology. I wonder what you want?

Three powers, eh? Kinda like a genie. It’s okay to show such favoritism?

…There’s no problem. The truth of this world is determined by this God here present. There is no punishment in giving powers to a soul. Well, It is very likely that the other gods of that world intervene if you are excessively powerful, so I would recommend that you abstain in asking for abnormal powers.

By the way, what kind of world is the world where will I be reincarnated?

…Though I don’t know well, it seems to be a world where civilization lags behind the Earth, and where magic permeates the entire world.

So it’s a world of swords and magic? Heck! Are we talking about a game here?

…It may look that way for you, however, you should treat that world as if it were a real world and not a fake.

Well, it’s doesn’t matter what world you live, living will always bring hardships with it. I don’t have excessive expectations.

…So, what kind of abilities do you want?

A good question. A healthy body that will let me carry 5 tons with ease, a skill that will allow me to freely manipulate a barrier. And It would be also good to have talent in earth magic.

…You sure have decided fast.

Surely anyone who has lived for more than forty years has thought, not once nor twice, about having those kinds of powers. Besides, they say that having too much power always brings disasters. What I’ve always wanted, is to have a very ordinary life and be able to live quietly and comfortably.

Once you have lived for more than forty years, things like becoming a hero and saving the world, living freely and the likes, such dreams wither away.

…Well, there are many kinds of persons.

Of course there are.

Unless you were such a splendid person capable of telling others how to live, then you didn’t have such a good life, but I believe that everyone should live the way they want.

…Well, then, I’m going to reincarnate you now.

Oh, okay, please do it.

…Then, I’ll pray for a good life in your next life.

5 thoughts on “Strongest Slow Life 001

  1. nice to see someone picking up that translation, would have preferred if you continued to already translated one, but well, hope you overtake that old one fast 😉


  2. Thanks for the translation. Also, it would be better (for readers) if you put some quotes around speech. (At least for this chapter). I understood halfway after that the …TEXT was god’s voice and sentence was protag’s voice. Too confusing.


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