Strongest Slow Life 002

Reincarnated safely and in perfect health

Well, that. That happened.

I reincarnated safely and in perfect health. It must be part of my charm to have retained the memories of my previous life for some reason. I don’t need to think about why, I just need to feel it.

In fact, there’s not inconvenient in having my memories, since I don’t know whether my parents, especially my mother, are natural airheads, broad-minded or the “going my way” type since they rarely pursued things to the extreme. On the contrary, even I would like to congratulate them for having been able to survive all this time in this “survival of the fittest” kind of world.

The place where I was born is half-farming half-fishing village.

This mid-sized village(by what the peddlers said) is a fairly normal village located in the territory of the count Shanrial in the Aberian Kingdom.

Of course, there is neither electricity nor gas. Water is obtained by pulling it from wells or springs. And as for the bathroom, you have no choice but to do it in the open or use a pit toilet. Well, in my case, my house has a flushing type (boasting).

It sounds good saying that it has beautiful scenery, but the countryside is still the countryside. However, I’m satisfied with it.

In my previous life, I also lived in a farmhouse. It was a rural area surrounded by mountains and fields. Elementary school was one kilometer on foot. If I wanted to take a bus, three kilometers, to get to my middle school, seven kilometers by bicycle through a mountain. Even high school was five kilometers to the train station. Even once boarded the train, twenty kilometers to reach the destination. So, even if I didn’t like it at all, it forged my willpower.

I started living in the city when I became a member of society, however, once I got into my mid-forties, I started to imagine again and again what it would be to have a slow life in the countryside. That is why if I think how at last I fulfilled my dreams, then I can’t complain at all.

Seriously, it was a godsend not having been born on the slums or as a slave.

Even more, this world has magic, and many fantasy-like tools are in circulation. In addition, I have three abilities. It means that depending on the job I choose, I can lead a more pleasant life than in my previous life.

And even if it’s the countryside, in the center of the town there is to some extent general shops, blacksmith shops, and even an armor shop. And every morning, a small market opens up where you can get fresh vegetables. Everyday goods can also be obtained as merchants come from the castle town once a month. And if they don’t have what you need, you can order it. There is even an adventurer guild (Branch).

Well, it’s true that I was puzzled when I was born, but there was no need to be. Living desperately, but living the way I wanted, before I knew it I became 5 years old, and then, one thing led to another and now I’m 10 years old.

I have no complaints. An ideal childhood just like the one I envisioned, you could even say that this is even my ideal slow life.

What a wonderful world is this one.

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