Strongest Slow Life 004

Two habits

I have two habits I do in the morning.

One of them is to clap two times and bow facing the morning sun.

It’s not like I was religious (in my past life). But this is something that I started after living for six years in this world.

This is a world where the weak die, where death is just around the corner. It’s really a survival of the fittest world.

It’s not like there is a police organization or that medical care is developing. Like in a world of swords and magic, it’s natural for monsters to exist and there is also no shortage of bandits either. If the weather gets worse, you could have a food crisis easily. However, taxes are fixed. Although they don’t do it anymore, I heard that a long time ago people were used to selling their daughters.

And even though I was born with three powers, it’s not like I’ve had smooth sailing since I was born. I don’t have the necessary fingers to count the times I almost died and besides, I’ve already seen at least 6 times where a person has died unreasonably. Here a person life is light.

It’s a hard place to live here. It’s because I remember my past (previous life) that I can clearly tell it’s such a world (era). I’m glad to be alive, I’m glad to be allowed to live.

Every time I think so, I want to give my thanks. But not something intangible, but material, give it form. In order not to forget my past (previous life), in order not to be like my past self (previous life), I want proof that I’m alive.

Clap Clap!

「I’m thankful for being alive. And I hope to live today as well」

I deeply bowed.

By the way, there’s no shortage of storms when it rains. However, it is not a problem for me since I can control barriers.

And my second habit is to visit oton’s tomb. (TN: Oton=father)

Oton’s tomb is located on the right side of the house, under a large leni tree(that is similar to a willow tree).

Oton’s name is engraved on a semi-cylindrical slate with a sword piercing the tomb deeply.

Compared to the tombs of my past life, the tomb looks simple, however, it’s said that in this world, where is almost impossible for an average village to possess tombs, the tomb of my Oton, it’s a splendid tomb like a hero’s tomb (according to peddlers and adventures discussions).

Well, for me, my Oton is a hero, so I don’t particularly care what they say.

Oton was the only and exclusive adventurer of this village, capable of using the sword and magic, with the ability to fight evenly with an ogre.

However, even though Oton couldn’t win against a flock of orcs, he was barely able to drive them away, and in the end, he died from the wounds of that time.

Although he was younger than me (counting my past life) and I didn’t think of him as my father, but in the end, he was the person who raised and protected us and Okan. If you are more grateful for something than being alive, then there is also affection. As proof of my affection, be it rain or storms, none will bother you.

Clap Clap!

「Oton. I’m really glad for being born as Oton’s son」

I didn’t bow. I just showed a smile.

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