Strongest Slow Life 005

Morning work

After finishing my morning habits, I go around checking the field and the livestock.

The main product of our house is ramuno, but that alone is not enough to sustain our daily lives (looking out from the outside).

Although it’s a remote countryside and sufficient money circulates, but generally, the countryside is self-sufficient and uses bartering.

The field on our house is about three acres and the production of Ramuno occupies one half of it. The other half is pasture while the remaining other half is used to plant seasonal crops that have roots(Such as potatoes and turnips).

There is no such word as crop rotation in this world (era), but people here understand that planting the same thing in the same place repeatedly will only make worse the land and wither the crops. Therefore, people plant different things every year and let the soil rest, but because they have no knowledge of the fertilizer, the soil can not heal in time for the next crop. That’s why in the current era the situation of crops is bad.

However, I have talent in earth magic and have my memories of my past life in addition to being surrounded by mountains that have a sea. And to say nothing that I (past life) was the son of a farmer. I know how to make fertilizer. That’s why our field’s house always has an abundant harvest… and that’s also why this farmhouse is always attacked by horned boars and blue deers.

Of course, our fields are surrounded by fences and mud walls, and traps are laid around, but even those wild animals try their hardest to live. After overcoming so many obstacles they invade our fields.

To make things worse, grey wolves eying the horned boars and blue deers that got caught in the trap make a mess of the fences and traps. But well, because some of them get stuck in the traps I get things like fur so there is no loss, but even so, it takes time to fix them. When it comes to making a fence, surprisingly, there are a lot of steps.

Also, pests are troublesome. In a world (era) without agricultural chemicals, you have no choice but kill them when you find them.

In fact, I could create easily a barrier that does not allow the passage of harmful animals and insects, but there is a thing called public’s attention. Furthermore, if I were to live without any difficulty, I could forget how grateful I am for being able to live right now, that’s why I try to not use my powers much. Though I’ll use them for others.

First, I’ll take a look at the ramuno. I can’t see anything suspicious on the branches and leaves and there are no insects either. Yep. Everything looks normal.

When I went to the fields, okan was plucking weeds.

「Okan. How is the field going?」

「There are a lot of weed since the field it’s full of nutrients」

「Ahaha. I’m sure the goats are happy」

I went towards the barn after our usual exchanging.

Most of the farmers in this village keep livestock.

A wheat farmer living in the center of the village employs cows (buffalo-like) and chickens (batam-like) to plow the fields.

My family also raises horses or goats like the others, but we also own another kind of goats, a long-haired goat.

Two years ago, I bought this long-haired goat which likes to live in cold places from a peddler that came from the north.

This long-haired goat breed has a robust hair that can be utilized for making bowstrings, it can also be milked and its meat is tasty. Its reproductive powers are strong, even excelling the weeds growth rates.

Three gold coins (It’s about five or six hundred thousand yen if converted to the currency of my original world) for a pair, it was expensive but I’m really happy to have bought them. There’s no other useful livestock like them after all!

I opened the door of the shed which was secretly reinforced with earth magic and a barrier. Seventeen long-haired goats, six goats for milking, one horse and twenty chicken were taken out.

I individually check each animal that comes out.

「Yup. Everyone seems to be fine」

Satisfied, I enter the shed.

Although I said shed, I excavated around the size of two tennis court on the mountain.

The area is divided by livestock but it’s not like they are confined by fences. They understand that this place is safe, comfortable, clean, and has plenty of water and food. There’s no reason to fight too. So after checking everything, I concluded that there is no problem here.

「Oh, you are laying plenty of eggs today as well! Splendid, splendid!」

I collect the newly laid eggs and place them on a shelf near the door, then clean the goat and horse beds.

Thanks to having a body capable of lifting 5 tons I was able to finish cleaning the shed in less than an hour. Seriously, I’m really grateful to God of my previous world.

「Alright then! Let’s have breakfast?」


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