Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 138


  • Asurin = Athrin
  • Rats=Lutz
  • Labilis=Labiris
  • Deryu=Deriyu
  • Liliana=Ririana
  • Millie=Milly
  • I confused two names Ria and Leia
  • Ria=The hero and Yuki’s wife
  • Leia= One of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King (retired)

I used the official names that are here: twitter.com/hduh_official/

Thanks for the help Mavis B. Vermilion and Evan Romaneschi.

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Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 136

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Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Prologue 3


「Eh w-why?」

The beauty who finished shouting asks me.

「No sane person would say “yes, please”, when it’s told that it’s a one way ticket. For now sit down, although I understand your objective, you haven’t told me anything about it 」

Please tell me if there is someone who would accept this kind of deal without knowing anything about it knowing only that it’s a one way ticket with no return.

Why choose me when there are many people in the world who are despairing and want to experience such a life like in a manga or a light novel.

Usually, people who fall into this kind of story with just knowing the goal but not the details are the easy to deceive types, that’s why, let’s be careful.

「Y-You’re right. First we should introduce each other. Sorry for my late introduction, I’m Luna」

No, no one asked for your name.

「My measurements are B91W58H85 and on Earth, I’m called by many names, such as Athena or Freya.」

Okay, an amazing information has come out from her mouth and because of that, her three measures have no meaning whatsoever now.

Now I understand, or rather, the legends of the gods that have been handed down for generations have been mixed. But it’s only true if you swallow everything that comes out of her mouth without questioning it.

「What? Have you fallen for me? It can’t be helped. After all, I once was called the goddess of beauty」

「I don’t care about that. Speak at once about the dungeon managing and such things」

Since she is annoying I hurry her to go to the main point.

By the way, this self-proclaimed goddess called Luna has a semi long blonde hair.

She has one red eye and another blue one. What was that called? Ah, right, Heterochromia.

Although I don’t know the average height size of a foreigner, a 170cm of height should be considered tall in Japan.

「…You’re not cute at all, you know? Okay, this will be a little long. Also, sending you to another world is already a matter of course, so give up. Whether you hear me out or not, the result will still be the same!」

「I don’t care, I want you to be brief and concise」

「Don’t want to」

This damn woman…

Almost over an hour and half the explanation was at last finished. For now I created some documents with the information she told me.

To put it briefly.

Objective: Maintain the balance (Energy = Magic) of the other world Aurourito using a dungeon.

Reason: The world called Aurourito creates the environment by circulating its magic. And although both worlds have the same natural laws, Aurorite has a third law in the form of magic. The problem here is that a considerable amount of magic power in Aurourito has stagnated in a certain place. In other words, humans and monsters(As expected, there are several races), just by existing, cause the environment of the entire planet to get worse, just like how it’s called here on Earth, global warming.  

If everything continues as it is, the civilizations that have magic as their focal point will fall into ruins, and magic-based existences will face annihilation. But well, it’s a story of few thousands of years ahead.

The first solution: Since she wanted to act like a proper God she thought, If you don’t want to destroy the civilization and life on the planet, then you only have to use dungeons to solve the circulation of magic problem!! Let’s make a feeding place called dungeon and collect magic power. In short, the dungeon is not just for heroes or demon king as in games, this dungeon will feed on not only on intelligent life forms, but wild demons too.

The results of the first solution: Eh, wait, I believe that this has nothing to do with me. But I was wrong. Although this first operation was delegated to the natives, that is, Aurourito’s intelligent life form… But since level of Aurorite civilization is like that of medieval Europe and because the dungeon can be used as you wish, the manager ends up in one of two ways, is defeated quickly or tries to dominate the world. Clearly, the magic never starts to circulate.

The second solution: It applies to me. In other words, if it’s wrong to let an idiot manage the dungeon, then why not leave it to an intelligent one? But in this world on the whole most are stupid… That’s right! I just have to bring someone from another world!! And so we reached this situation.

So, that’s when I thought this. If none is useful, then Luna (the Goddess) herself should do it. Don’t give such task to people on purpose… It’s what I thought, but according to Luna it can’t be done.

「It would be nice if it were to be temporary, but a god can not stay forever on a single planet until its end. Even you, how many times have you moved from your birthplace?」

I see, it’s makes sense, I was putting aside the scale of the problem.

From human’s point of view, it’s impossible to care for an animal 24 hours a day every day without rest until it meet its end.

「There are only a handful of omnipotent gods like you humans have on mind. However, those types of gods are so serious that they withdraw from the world so as not to have a bad effect on them」

Wait, are you telling me that they exist? An omnipotent God!?

「Depending on the world, gods have restrictions or it would better to say that their power degrades…? For example, in this world, their limit are natural phenomena and in Aurourito they can only appear as a monsters or spirits. And even though their power is limited they continue being outstanding, but overall… there is a problem with their personality」

I see, it continues being the same in the end, whether it’s managing a company or a world…

「To be honest, Japan’s knowledge and culture level on this Earth is above the Aurourito God」

Ohh… Why are you Aurourito’s god useless!?

But now I’m convinced. Even if you choose to send those who are despairing and want to go to another world like in those light novels and manga, it wouldn’t change anything.

But I have a question now. Even if I go to this other world, the maximum I can manage it will be around 100 years at the most, isn’t that right?

「Ah, I forgot to mention it but you will get eternal youth. I will make sure you don’t get sick, but you will have to be careful since you will be able to die. Since the majority that becomes immortal becomes reckless. It’s a lot of work to do bring someone from here and then make it disappear」

Ah, I see now. In other words, if I turn berserk while managing the dungeon someone will come to stop me.

「I understand most of it, but why can’t I come back?」

「I’m sure you understand what would happen in that case. What would happen if I were to connect the underdeveloped Aurourito with Earth?」

「Ah, Aurourito would be swallowed up by Earth in no time. But is magic such a weak thing?」

「No, but magic is an area where people on Earth could catch up with things like nuclear weapons and soon to be developed interstellar flights. But compared with the civilization level…」

「I see, what you are saying is that you want to maintain the magical civilization of Aurourito and that you don’t want to mix it with the Earth」

「That’s right. I can say for sure that Earth’s side will end up analyzing the magic faster than the magic side and end capturing Aurourito」

「But it’s not possible for me to end up conveying my culture?」

This is the most strange point. If I became immortal, I could end up influencing Aurourito’s culture with the Japanese one from Earth.

「What are you saying? Japanese is a culture that embraces other cultures, right? What? Are you going to build japanese castles on the other side?」

「Roger that. It means that if I were to introduce such a thing in a global scale, it would surely be washed away, but it would be okay for me to encourage the development of civilization starting with Aurourito」

「That how it is, After all, your official goal is to manage a dungeon, but if you do it moderately it should be okay. Though it would be almost impossible」

Of course it should be impossible. It is more than just difficult to unite all the ideas of the world.

It’s like saying that a certain number of people or monster should die.

Anyone who demands sacrifices will become the enemy of the world.

I just have to circulate the magic and choose a living place where that world’s creatures lives.

No matter how you think about it, that’s something that a tyrant would do.

「Well, I’m sure you have understood several things. It’s more efficient to just manage the circulatory system called dungeon」

「OK, I’ve heard enough. But what about me? My family will forget me? Rather, with only my body I will not be able to dig the dungeon even if I go there」

Since it is impossible to stop the transfer, I have almost completely accepted that I will never be able to see my family again, what’s left it’s my workplace. It will cause a lot of trouble for my seniors, juniors, and business partners…

「Family and work relationship… I will do it in such a way as if there had never been any relationship. Your transfer will go smoothly so everything will be okay. You’re not serious about digging on your own, right? I’ll will give things like skills. After all, I’m forcing you, that’s why apart from going and returning to earth, I will grant what you ask for as long as it is reasonable.」

Oh… As long as it is reasonable, eh…?

「Then give me a RX-7○「Impossible, you want to reenact the one year war?」

Tsk, why the hell you know about this world’s anime.

「Then the White Glint 「Are you going to crush a nation and start a corporate war?」

She even knows about games!?

「Well, let’s say that those are the rewards after you’ve managed the dungeon well. I will also make sure that you can obtain the goods of this world in the form of mail」

Eh? If I succeed, I’ll be able to ride the MS or the AC and the likes!? Really!?

I was too excited but if she don’t promise a cheat for starters I won’t be able to do anything. I don’t want to go there and die on my first day after all.

「Then what about firearms? Do it in such a way that only I can use it」

「No way, that’s also for when you know how to manage well the dungeon. You can imagine what would happen if you use OOPARTS in Aurourito before you get used to it?」

「I would trust it too much and the balance of the world would collapse… But wouldn’t be okay if I were to use only for personal defense?」

「The answer continues being NO. Things like weapons that are above the current’s culture civilization are banned at first. Please, just learn how to manage the dungeon properly. So, any demands?」

「You have the guts to ask if I need anything after having denied everything I asked? …Tsk, It can’t be helped. Give me a ring that can help me escape immediately from mortal danger and at the same time teleport me to a safe place」

「Oh, it’s only that fine? That ring would only help you escape instant death, so if you get a serious injury, you’ll still die, are you okay with that?」

「Then, if I were to tell you to add an instant recovery effect, would you add it?」

「No, I wouldn’t. Since it would be the same as immortality. But if the dungeon management goes well I’ll think about that」

Tsk, it will be more troublesome that expected. If I can’t have a cheat that makes me immortal… Then…

「I understand. I want a skill or an item that can ensure the safety of my friends as well for the people who will become my subordinates, without limit」

「I see, guaranteed safety. I see you’ve thought well about that. Depending on how it is used it will become a useful tool. This is in the acceptable range.  OK, it’s done」

All right, I got it, though it’s not immortality. It has the words “Guaranteed” and “Safety”. Depending on how you use it, it could become a…

「We have almost finished with the explanation and negotiations… The only thing left to do is go to Aurourito and work out the fine details there」

Luna turns her hand towards me. Ah, so my futile resistance ends here? It can’t be helped, let’s somehow make it work and aim for White Glint…